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 I only promote and/or work with companies or products that I love, already use, or would buy myself.  All opinions and statements are solely my own.   All items will be clearly marked provided by or courtesy of.  I generally look to sponsor handmade (etsy) shops or other small businesses.  From time to time, I will share a sponsored post for a larger known company, but again, only if they are providing a product I support or am interested in purchasing myself.  Additionally, I will never share a sponsored ad that does not fit with the content of this blog.

Occasionally my posts contain affiliate links.  The (small) commission earned through these links help me contribute to my family and sustain this blog.  

If you are looking to collaborate or would be interested in sponsorship ad space, please contact me at ehayes1183@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi there,

    I left a comment on a post from 2010 and wasn't sure if you would see it. I was inquiring about your Donna Morgan dress (I think you wore it to your rehearsal dinner and I was wanting to wear it to mine!! LOL. I owned that dress years ago and got rid of it because it was too big. I have been looking for it ever since and wondered if you would be interested in selling yours if you still have it. Thanks for your time!!

    Rachael (myfashionfingerprint.com)


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