Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend with the Sister Bunny

This weekend was our neighborhood's annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We have a community center with a large mall of grass where the association holds 3 separate egg hunts based on age.  The littlest kids on the lawn, the middle kids (4-6yrs) by the splash fountain, and oldest at the playground. They have a dj playing favorites like N*Sync and Whip and Nae Nae, a bounce house, and Peter Cottontail and Mrs. Cottontail, although the girls just called her Sister Bunny.

Despite it being chilly that morning it warmed up quickly and became the perfect hanging on the porch drinking some beers type afternoon.  We got a lot of yard done, something that seems endless, and got started repainted our powder room.  It's the final room we have left to paint, aside from a few closets and laundry room.  It was a baby food pea green, which wasn't the worst, but definite not my taste.  Plus, the bathroom is an interior room, so there are no windows and it felt really dark.  We decided to go with white, a first for us, since we wanted something to brighten it up and we've monopolized every other shade of gray.  I'm current staining some DIY floating shelves and figuring out a way to hang our new rope mirror.  Details later after everything is up.

The girls are home for Spring Break this week, so trying our best to enjoy the weather and stay as busy as we can.


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