Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Learning in Style with Carter's for Kohl's

“This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Carter’s clothing as compensation.”

I mentioned a few weeks ago how Ashlynn has really taken off in her new transitional kindergarten classroom.  She's reading short stories (we love BOB books), starting to write more than just her name, and probably through genetics has an affinity for (simple) mathematics and numbers - mom and dad both have accounting degrees after all.  Kenley has been thriving just as well for her age at 3, she can spell her name, is practicing writing it, and loves counting to 20, especially if it involves a game of hide and seek!

At the end of each week, the girls bring home their school work in their take home folders.  A variety of worksheets and art projects.  I started keeping a lot of them since some are half finished or would be perfect for some 'school' play at home.  I love watching Ashlynn play teacher and read her storybooks to Kenley and help her identify the sight words.  I'm not kidding at all when I say Kenley can recognize some sight words (at, can, go, that) better than certain letters of the alphabet, cart before the horse much.  Girl needs a little work with her Cs (she says D), Is (J), Ps (B), and Ts ("ta ta"), nightly reading of Alphabet book is helping!  Kenley also loves coloring in the pictures and counting along on the math worksheets. 

This totally brilliant chick just recently learned our home address by heart.  Her teacher sent her home with some 'high five hands' that we placed on the back door and by the end of the week she could recite our address without looking.  It was such a genius way of teaching memorization, especially since our new address is pretty difficult!

They have really gotten into more make believe play lately which has made me so happy.  I felt like for so long I would have to guide them, give Ashlynn ideas, or play with her to stimulate creative play, but finally they will play "birthday party" with their dolls, Doc McStuffins with their doctor kits, or go on an airplane ride all on their own without fighting or getting bored quickly.  It really is one of my proudest moments seeing them play so nicely together and making memories.  It's even better when I see them doing things like "camping" on the stairs or taking their flashlights into the coat closet to tell silly stories, just like I did with my brother growing up.

I also know that while the girls are absorbing the world like a sponge, they need to be comfortable. Of course, it doesn't hurt when they can be well dressed too!  I love that when I shop the Kohl's Carter's Department, I'm able to find absolute steals on adorable clothing and pajamas that let my girls go to school and play at home in comfort.  Ashlynn frequently complains about wearing jeans or 'scratchy' (woven cotton) tops and Kenley still will only wear things that twirl.  The last thing these girl need is to be fussing with itchy or tight clothing while they should be busy learning or playing make believe.   

Of course the same can be said for bedtime.  We are a weekend jammie family, and typically stay in our pjs until it's time to leave the house.  And like school and play clothes, we love pajamas that are as cozy as they are cute.  The girls love wearing their coordinating ballerina nightgowns and pj sets, and dancing around the house while we make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.   Bedhead and bunny, and all!

Carter's pajamas have been part of our girls wardrobe since they were babies wearing onesies non-stop.  And now, I'm still able to shop at Kohl's and pick up Little Girl sizes (shedding a single tear) for Ashlynn as she approaches 5 years old.  A tried and true brand for our household that can outfit our girls from bedtime, to playtime, to the classroom and always make looking pulled together a breeze!

Kohl's is currently having a Kid's Sale from March 17th - April 2nd, you can take $10 of any $40 purchase with code KIDSALE10.  Shop all the latest spring styles now!

stretchy denim jacket (girls) | bird print sateen dress - currently out of stock

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