Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Lately

Just a little non staged, life as is, no filters here shot of the kitchen.  Cabinets are slowly coming along, need to get the last two cabinet doors up and get to work on the lowers.  It's amazing how much brighter the kitchen feels at night.  Almost as if we switched the light bulbs.

Today Ashlynn was her classroom's Mystery Reader.  We've been working hard on her reading skills and her class has really been preparing them for Kindergarten with their sight words, CVC patterns, rhyming words, and looking at context clues.  Ashlynn had switched classrooms less than a month ago (there was an opening in the pre-K program we weren't able to enroll in when we first moved down here), and she's come so far in just a few short weeks.  When she first switched over and I heard kids were reading, I was super impressed and a bit nervous she was behind.  A teacher had recommended the BOB Books working for her son, so I ordered one set and picked up another on a yard sale site and they really are amazing if you are working with a pre-reader.   Ashlynn is really starting to master them, as well as her daily reading at school, and today she was brave enough to read her book to the class.

Over the weekend the girls had their Winter Exhibition for gymnastics, they did awesome and now are super excited for Spring soccer.  I'm a little excited too, since I get to coach Kenley's team!  I can't promise I can coach U5 to a championship, but hopefully they'll all have some fun as the no doubt all chase the ball at the same time.  Wish me luck herding cats.

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