Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Vacation Swimming with Speedo

This post was sponsored by Speedo. I received Speedo products as compensation.

We were so excited for the holiday break, not just of course for the magic of Christmas morning, but for the opportunity to spend the week with family.  We headed back to Pennsylvania for the first time since moving south.  It had been a hard adjustment for the girls who used to be only 15 minutes from their PopPop and Nanny to no longer be able to visit whenever, but PopPop was a genius and was able to get all the grandkids together for a few nights at an indoor waterpark resort over the holiday break.

The kids had such a blast spending time with each other, as they always do, but this time with the added fun of an indoor waterpark.  The girls really grew in their swimming ability this past summer, but hadn't been in the water since Labor Day.  I anticipated that they might be a bit rusty, but they just picked up where they left off.

By the end of the summer Ashlynn was jumping in unassisted and going under all on her own.  She was still wearing her floaties, but we were pretty sure she was ready to start testing the water without them.

We loved trying out her new Begin to Swim fabric arm bands while staying at the waterpark.  They gave her the security she needs while allowing her to adjust to her own body's buoyancy.  These will definitely become the new summer staple as she learns to swim confidently on her own.

Kenley was so excited to have a pair of her own pink goggles that matched her sister's purple set.   Ashlynn's Speedo googles really made a big difference with getting her to put her face in the water, and now Kenley is less resistant to blowing bubbles and getting an underwater view.

And while the kids no doubt had a total blast, we have to talk about mom for a minute.  Rocking a bikini when getting some sun at the beach is something I'm okay with, but when you take away the sand and sun and add in chasing kids, funneling down slides, and shooting water canons at splash pads a bikini is just not the practical choice.  Having a comfortable, yet flattering one piece is essential.  I have been a loyal fan of Speedo swimsuits since childhood, and to prove the test of time, I still have one from high school that I dig out whenever swimming in a gym pool!  I was so excited to wear my new Cross Back Thin Strap suit to the park.  It never came out of place, crawling here or slipping there.   I love the color blocking for giving the illusion of a slimmer figure, which let's face it after all the Christmas cookies, was totally welcomed!

And for when I was running around grabbing drinks, snacks, chaperoning potty trips, and taking nap breaks to recharge in our hotel room, this grab and go cover up, that was as practical as it is cute, was the perfect addition to my luggage.  It's perfect for the waterpark, pool, and beach.  I love all the fitness and recreation options Speedo has to choose from.

Speedo definitely helped prepare my family for our winter vacation and I can't wait to go swimming again hopefully before summer.  Check out for your family's winter getaway needs!

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