Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Merry Merry

We had such a great holiday break, it was so fun having the girls be old enough to truly enjoy everything we had planned and that magic of the season had to offer.  We baked cookies, waited for Santa and his five firetruck motorcade, sprinkled reindeer food in the backyard, and basically every other standard holiday tradition we could squeeze in.

The girls had a magical visit from Santa, bring Ashlynn her much requested Torch, My Blazing Dragon and Kenley her 'red cash register'.   He also brought a set of wooden bunk beds for their WellieWishers and a highchair for their baby dolls.   They also got some new bath and playdoh toys, hooded towels, clothes, headphones, books, games, and an awesome dollhouse from Bopo and Yaya.

I love the dollhouse because it's big enough, two sided, that they can both play without pushing each other around.  It came will all the furniture which is color coded to each room (so they haven't stuck the toilet in the nursery yet) and is actually sturdy, unlike my plastic and cardboard Barbie Townhouse of yesteryear.  I could have definitely taken the time to customize it all pinteresty before putting together, but I'm glad it's a hot pink, purple, green and orange monstrosity.  Less pretty for me to look at, but definitely more vibrant for them to play with since I don't think they appreciate the white farmhouse and rifle paper flower wallpaper look as much as I do, ha.

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home, playing with our new toys and packing up for our trip.  We left early the next morning to head back to PA for our adventure filled trip.  We spent a solid 30+ hours in the car over the week break from school and work, and the girls really did handle it like rockstars.  We visited 3 of 4 sets of grandparents, all of the cousins, old neighbors, and old friends in just 8 days.  Every night was pretty much a party and the January slump was real for that first week getting back to the grind of a routine. A little more from our trip coming up!

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