Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dear 2017,

see also, Dear Poor Ol' Neglected Blog,

I hope I can return to somewhat more regular posting and inspired content, but last year was just lacking in motivation and effort on all fronts.  The move happened so fast, listing our house in 10 days notice, going under contract in 12, and finding our new home after two trips in just a week after that.  We settled into our new home and immediately jumped in two feet first into all our neighborhood had to offer and all the holiday fun we could have.  Our house has yet to feel like home (to me) and I hope that's something we can change in the next few months.  The same was reflected in my health, with half assed effort for exercise and all the cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it's time to get on track on all aspects.

So since I love a good brain dump and list, here are some thoughts and "resolutions" for the new year ahead.

1.  House Tour and Projects:  I would love to share more of our house here on the blog.  It'd be a great way to share with friends and family who keep asking for pictures and details and of course all my readers who still might be around or have any interest.  Our big plans for the year include painting the cabinets and overhauling the landscaping.  We want to take advantage of living in an area with such a mild climate, so the porch, patio, and yard (while small) are something we want to enjoy.  There are some other smaller projects that are mostly organizational or just styling, we'll get there too.

2.  Health: I'm officially in my mid-thirties.  For some reason 34 stings a bit more than any other age has, I'm trying my hardest to keep on top of things like sunscreen/sun exposure and skincare, but exercise needs a kick in the pants.  I was a cliche and asked for a gym membership for Christmas, but instead got a trial run at a fitness studio.  I've taken one PiYo class so far and enjoyed it, tomorrow is Barre, and I'd like to fit in a cycling and HIIT class before I decide if it's something worth joining full time.  I've realized I need the motivation of a class or group because working out my own this past year has been the definition of inconsistent.

3. Mental Wellness:  This fits a bit hand in hand with working out, but I need a bit more peace and 'me time' as selfish as that sounds.  I'm playing solo parent more often with Pete's traveling work schedule, and I find myself burnt out quicker than ever.  The girls have some habits that need breaking, mainly needy bed times routines and tv time.  If we can change that, I could have some more mental quiet time before bed, instead of feeling frazzled and 'done'.   I would like to read more books.  This is another inconsistency of mine.  I'll read 3-4 in two months time then not pick one up for months on end.  I'd really like to set the goal of a book a month.  I checked out Swans of Fifth Avenue from our library before the holiday break and am enjoying it.  Utilizing the library is also something I'd like to take advantage of more often.  It's within walking distance and keeps me from spending money on books, so really no excuses.

4. Habits:  My quick list in my notebook is mostly habits I'd like to improve, drink more water, wash my face twice a day (should I be admitting thats a goal??), clean my make up brushes regularly, exercise (see above), etc.  I'd also like to get back to posting more regularly since blogging has always been a creative outlet, however at some point I lost inspiration it just started feeling like work, so I stopped showing up.

On the other hand, I have also really enjoyed pulling the reins in on social media.  I find the race to keep up, or want, or feeling inadequate really has diminished with the less I use my social media accounts.  I check in my instagram feed usually once a day at most, occasionally on snapchat (which my list of friends is rather small so I can't get sucked into spending hours of time watching other people live).  I'm trying hard to really only follow accounts that I feel connected to or are true source of inspiration.  I might miss out of some cute new shops and sale announcements, but cleaning the junk accounts out has really made a difference and kept it about the relationships with people I care about.

I feel like there is a lot more, but then this will be even more rambly.  Plus it's time for the kids to unplug (my resolution for them!) I hope to recap some of our holiday break.  We had a great time seeing so many friends and family, even if we did spend roughly 30+ hours of the trip in the car, oomph.

Dear 2017... I'll be back!

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