Monday, January 30, 2017


I feel like there are so many things I want to share, but am having trouble getting a start on any post. I think a "Currently" style post is just what I need to share all the things I'm thinking and doing


One of my goals this year was the cliche, 'Read More/ Read 12 Books in 12 Months' resolutions. With our public library a half mile away in walking distance, I really have no excuses. It's free and too convenient to say I can't there or don't want to purchase 12 $10ish books for my Kindle.

I just finished The Nest this weekend.  I saw it mentioned on a lot of bloggers reading lists last year and was a NYTimes Bestseller.  I think it started a bit slow and my reading speed reflected that, I had to extend my two week borrowing window.  However, the more characters that were introduced, the more I'm got into, but overall I wouldn't rave over it.  I would love another recommendation!


Protein Shakes.  Now, that I'm finally getting my butt to the gym a whopping two days a week (baby steps, people, baby steps), I try to make sure I get an easily digestible protein shortly after.  We had been buying PlantFusion 100% Plant Based Protein Powder off Amazon.  It is free of GMOs and Soy.  I loved the taste and it dissolved easily enough in a blender bottle.  However, by happy accident last month we ordered Orgain Organic Protein, which is also GMO and Soy free, but also organic and $10 cheaper as well.  It doesn't dissolve quite as easily, it's a bit more frothy, but still tastes great with almond cashew milk.


All the feely dramas.  After my Gilmore Girls binge of 2016, we starting watching This Is Us on Hulu and were all caught up when the show came back this January.  And guess because the force of Gilmore is strong, Milo Ventimiglia wasn't enough and we also added in ParentHood too.  So every night is a mix of all the feels.  I have a feeling we will be catching back up on Game of Thrones next, just to get the right mix of violence and testosterone back. ;)


I mentioned I had a hefty haul back when Old Navy did their up to 50% Off active wear sale in the beginning of them month.  Sadly, the pieces were total hit or miss. For the price, you can't beat it, but the sizing seemed a bit all over the place.  A small petite sized cropped legging fits great, but two small petite full length pairs were baggy around the waist and ankles. Most of the tops ran huge as well.  I returned most of them.  I prefer looser tops, especially if wearing leggings, as opposed to skin tight all over, but these were like tents and looked silly.

I did order a few items from Gap since it was after season 40% off on top of other mark downs.  I am sooo obsessed with this spacedye pullover.  It's incredibly soft and fuzzy fleece on the inside and feels nice and thick on the outside.  It retails (around $70) for more than I would spend for activewear from the Gap, but with the discounts I scooped it up for close to $40.  The details are all really great too, zippered kangaroo pockets, slight reflective trim on the thumb hole sleeves - that also roll over like a baby's sleeper into mittens for the cold morning runs, and toggles instead of strings on the funnel neck style hood.  I love this top with leggings, for leaving the gym or even just casually with jeans for school pick up.


I am finally preparing to paint our kitchen cabinets.  We painted the walls pretty soon after moving in, but I wanted to wait until after the holidays to get moving on the cabinets. I started priming them over the weekend so let's cross fingers you're seeing an 'after' photo in a couple weeks.


Two weeks ago I decided to go bold and had my friend (who is a stylist) cut me some bangs.  I wanted some change, but love having my hair long.  I plan on having them grow out, so I'll be able to get them pulled back by summer, but it's definitely a fun look for now.   Two weekends ago, we had a Mom's Night Out for a group of moms in our neighborhood.  We headed Uptown and took over, nothing like a bunch of mom's let loose to scare all the 20 year olds!

What are you currently up to??

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