Sunday, December 4, 2016

American Girl Birthday Celebration

Kenley had a great 3rd birthday, it was probably her best day ever.  She woke up to chocolate chip banana muffins and some presents, including a Bitty Baby.  We got ready for school and she had her celebration there and popsicles with her class before the end of the day.

By the time she got home, I had put together her new microphone and the kids sang "LALALALA", the ABCs, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, to their hearts content.  After a short rest of mom imposed quiet time, we headed over the American Girl Store at Southpark Mall.

Out of habit back in PA, I still always park at Nordstrom, which at this mall is at the opposite end of where we were going.  As we made our way though the store and then the mall, Kenley shouted excitedly, for everyone nearby to hear, "I ride the alligator! I go on the alligator!"

... the escalator!  dead.

We caught a glimpse of Santa on our way to the store, but he had gone back to the North Pole by the time we left.  That Santa is one busy man.  ;)

When we got to the store we spent some time checking out all the dolls and toys and then made our way to the bistro for our birthday dinner.  It was just us three since Dad was traveling for work.  I thought this would be a nice way to make an ordinary Wednesday into a special birthday Wednesday.  The girls both brought their Bitty Babies, who got to sit with us, and started with some chocolate milk for the girls and cups of cream for the babies.  The girls enjoyed their meal, the coloring books, goodie bags, and mostly the ice cream and cake.

It was the perfect little outing and definitely memorable for them.  Memorable for me was driving through a tornado on the way home.  I had no idea the weather was going to turn and we left right when our town went under a take shelter warning.  I'm super thankful we made it home safe, but what a way to turn a fun and fancy free evening into a super stressful one!  And with her birthday past we now full speed ahead to Christmasville!

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