Monday, November 21, 2016

Home for the Holidays

Being in a new home for the holidays is both exciting and bit uneasy.   I am excited to start new traditions in our new town, but also nostalgic for the traditions we already had and anxious to see if they will continue with the same anticipation in our new space.

Kicking off the holiday season, we are spending our first Thanksgiving as a family of four here in our new home, just us.  It's a bit melancholy, to not spend the day that's fixated as holiday with a bustling house full of guests, without any, but between the distance and the potential to go from a family dinner to a SNL sketch before the pumpkin pie is cut,  well... it is, what it is.   And on the plus side, I don't need to worry about ironing my table linens, holler! 🙌

I know the girls are so excited to get ready for Christmas and decorate the house and tree.  I do think this will definitely be the best Christmas yet.  Ashlynn has been scouring the Target and Toy R Us toy catalogs and already has written an unofficial list for Santa.  Kenley is pretty excited to be turning 3 next week and will tell anyone with a set of ears. We have a town tree lighting and tickets to the Nutcracker so the season will kick off strong.   The Elf on the Shelf game will need a kick in the ass this year as I'm pretty sure I'll no longer get by moving it around every few days.  Our Advent calendar will need an upgrade too since I'm pretty sure last year at least a week's worth of days were left empty of activities or ornaments to hang.

On the bright side, I am ready for the Christmas book countdown and already have the books wrapped and ready to go under the tree December 1st.   I thought I'd reshare this list of 25 MORE Christmas books from last year in case you were looking to add a few more to your stash!  (24 and 25 are my pop culture favorites!)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25

And speaking of pop culture, who's ready for the Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life?!

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