Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Hello.  I'm just going to pretend like I regularly keep up with this... is that okay?  I really didn't expect to fall so off the blogwagon, but between still getting settled and trying to rush through last three seasons Gilmore Girls, we are finally getting there with the house and I'm just getting into Season 7.

After our girls trip to the pumpkin patch, we had a really great October.  Dad traveled almost every week, so the girls and I had a lot of time to explore our hood, meet neighbors and make some new friends, and of course all things Halloween.

This last weekend started with Pete running a 5K in Charlotte.  It was a Hero Run, so Iron Man, Captain America, and Wonder Woman were there to entertain the kids (and scare Kenley).  We did our family duty cheering at the finish line, thankfully dad was a beast and clocked in under 22 minutes so our wait for brunch wasn't a long one.

After brunch and getting into costume, we headed to the neighborhood Fall Festival where the girls bounced themselves silly on moonbounces on every corner, sampled free cake, accepted candy, and even had Queen Elsa make them each a balloon animal.  Since it was in the mid 80s (WTF Carolina, where is Fall?!) we headed back before heading to friends for an evening hang and child meltdowns.


On Monday, the girls had their Halloween parade at school, adorable as always, and then trick or treat.  We were told Halloween was insanity in our new hood, and compared to most, people really do go all out.  However, we were told to have at least 1000 pieces of candy, but come Tuesday morning, I returned two jumbo unopened bags to Target.  I guess being a Monday, it wasn't as crazy as the past years.  Since the girls are young and did have school the next day, we were a bit relieved.

Other fun things in October included that the girls got off the waitlist for gymnastics and suckered me into getting them signed up for dance as well.  I never imagined myself a Dance Mom, but my gosh, sneaking peeks in of them in class couldn't be cuter. 

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