Thursday, November 10, 2016

Countdown Deals

Not sure if anyone else is prepping their list for Santa Claus, but the countdown to Christmas is on!  While I definitely don't start pulling out the tinsel until after the turkey is eaten, I do start prepping my shopping list so I can appropriately sale stalk.  I like to price watch items and check for store coupons so I know I'm getting the best deals on the items, I'm planning on buying any way.  Plus, it keeps me on task instead of grabbing random things and going off of budget.  

We will be heading to Toys R' Us later so the girls can get some ideas for Santa.  We headed to the mall last week and he was already there!  Kenley was terrified and Ashlynn was overwhelmed with being unprepared.  We told her we'd come back (probably in a month!) to put in our request :)

Some great deals going on today include...

Some super cute Land of Nod items actually worth their discount!  Check out the other Zulily sales to save on shipping!

Save on lots of Ravensburger and Wonder Forge games on Amazon's daily deals.

... and Free Shipping on all stockings too.  

Save up to $60 on American Girl BeForever Holiday Collections, all priced at $150.

Happy Shopping!

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