Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bush N Vine - Pumpkin Patch 2016

It's week two here in the CLT, and things are full speed ahead.  With Hurricane Matthew giving us a rainy day on Saturday our pumpkin patch plans were washed out and we got some painting done.  Kenley now has a freshly painted pink room and the dining room is almost completed.   Since Monday was Columbus Day and school was closed, the girls and I headed off to the pumpkin patch sans dad to take advantage of their rain date pumpkin festival.

We headed to Bush N Vine in York, South Carolina and had an awesome time.  The weather was perfect, there were hayrides to the pumpkin patch, a bounce house, chickens, corn boxes in lieu of sandboxes, live music, a BBQ food truck, and strawberry ice cream.  We will definitely be back next year during blueberry and peach season.

I let the girls each pick one pumpkin, off the vine, and per tradition those are our carving pumpkins. Any others I pick up grocery shopping since they are usually a bit cheaper, then getting all the decor pumpkins from the patch.

  It was the perfect way to spend our day off!  The girls are definitely feeling Fall in the south.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Southern State of Mind

Holler, October!... or should I say It's Fall, Y'all now that I'm a southern belle.  Just kidding, no offense to my southern readers, but I'm not sure my yankee roots will pick up the twang.

We've been here in Charlotte for just about two weeks.  The settlement process on both homes was a breeze, but the travel from Pennsylvania to North Carolina was definitely an adventure.  Two adults, two kids, and two dogs in one Jeep, one seedy pet-friendly hotel in Virginia and another night spent in Charlotte, we finally were about to get settled in our new home.

We are loving our new house and our new neighborhood even more.  The girls have transitioned to their new school exceeding any and all expectations I had.  I truly thought it would be difficult considering how much we all loved their last school and teachers, but possibly as a testimony to how well they prepared them, they are excited to go each day and run off tho their classrooms nearly looking back to say good bye.

The house is slowly coming together and I can't wait to share some projects and changes we are making.  Lots to share as we get settled into our new routine, next up girls day out to the pumpkin patch ;)