Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bright and Beachy Breakfast Nook

You guys, having both girls in school is insane.  My productivity levels are completely through the roof, it's like I completely forgot how much time running errands can be when you aren't buckling and unbuckling and holding hands in parking lots and putting kids into carts and out of carts and pulling off the side of carts or chasing down rogue children pushing carts, you get the picture.  I'm not going to lie, being out of the baby phase, and the young toddler phase for that matter, is kind of awesome.  I'm starting to feel like an independent being.  Of course, after those 4 hours of freedom, I can't wait to pick up those adorable smiling faces and get back to a day of good ol fashioned referee and short order cook, but for those of you in the thick of it?  It really does go too fast, and it does get better.

Moving on,  I'm currently taking a minute from packing boxes, donating toys when the girls aren't home, and making list after list of things to do before we move, so I thought I'd share some thoughts here.  Of course, I have so many things I never shared from summer, but they might just get lost in the mix.  I definitely need to do a sister update because we are in a real sweet spot, and the girls have some really cute and wacky quirks that are worth documenting.

However, I thought I'd share a little inspo board I put together for our new kitchen's breakfast nook.  The house has a open great room with awesome windows that stream the best light and high ceilings.  The kitchen is completely open and the 'eat in kitchen' area is definitely more of a nook since it wont fit a table much bigger than one for the four of us and is tucked in the corner.    The house is only 15 years old so the things it needs is some fresh paint and some tiny updates to reflect our style.

We will be using our old kitchen table in our dining room and getting a new one for the kitchen.  A round pedestal table is the best shape for the space and I've always loved the Serena & Lily bistro chairs, just not the price.  Especially when Kenley still has a terrible habit of standing on chairs while eating.  Thankfully, since the cafe chairs are all weather, I can just hose them down when they inevitably get gunked up with peanut butter and cream cheese.  I also will probably put a seat cushion on her seat to keep her from sticking her foot through the woven wicker.

paint - Benjamin Moore Lily White  

I'm hoping to find a solid wood table on craigslist once we get down there and we already have a few painters to come out for quotes right away.  Can't wait to share more!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 - Redemption

It's been six months since my last stitch fix, and if you remember, I was pretty disappointed.  I've always been a fan of Stitch Fix, but routinely only kept one item, possibly two per fix.  This was generally based on budget, but typically I would only be impressed enough with one item to actually warrant paying the price (generally in my opinion, overpriced).   Add in some items that didn't last long term because of quality and I figured I was better off shopping on my own.

After pushing my fix back two or three times,  I finally took the plunge.  I still had a credit to use and figured I could get at the minimum a sweater or blouse to take me into Fall.  In my request form, I asked for another pair of DL1961 skinny jeans.  I love the dark wash pair they sent me, but my distressed pair that I purchased are getting a bit snug and I wanted another pair to wear that might be a bit more comfortable.  I also asked for casual fall sweaters or blouses that were washable and could take me from mom out with two kids to mom out on a date.  Also, no surprise backs - blech.

So imagine my surprise when I actually loved every freaking item.  To be honest, if the jeans were a poor fit, I would have been able to narrow down my selection to maybe two items to keep, but since the denim was $178 and keeping everything with the 25% off discount and my credit it was only a little over $200.  I'm definitely not mad as I needed a little closet refresh and I can already see every item in heavy rotation.

DL1961 - Cherise Skinny Jean $178

These are technically the DL1961 Margaux Instasculpt Ankle Skinny Jean (on sale here).  They are super soft and stretchy and almost the right length.  I always cuff my jeans with booties, so no big deal.  I'm not 100% how I feel about the whiskering, is that back??, but I assumed it probably was and with that and the lighter shade they are different my other pairs.

Paradigm - Vina Henley Top $64

This top is totally my style - navy, buffalo check, casual button front blouse.  It has cute embroidery on the shoulders and three buttons down the front.  It's really soft, and would look cute with a pair of boots.  Easy pick, although I think it should have been priced in the $48 range.

Daniel Rainn - Antona Crochet Detail Blouse $64

Another cute navy top, this time cap sleeved, which I'm sure will be more wearable living in the south.  It has nice crochet detailing down the sides of the button placket, across the front and back yoke.  I actually wore this top to dinner with my girlfriends on Saturday night, with the jeans, and my booties.  It definitely an effortless look, my fav.

Market & Spruce - Rowan Textured Pullover $58

Honestly, this sweater isn't anything special, but I like the color and it's comfortable.   It's something, despite not being very memorable, that I will probably wear frequently.  Easy for errands, shuttling the girls here and there, you know #momlife.  (just add a blanket scarf and sbux).

Market & Spruce - Alan French Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan $37

More mom wear.  This is so so so soft and cuddly, would be cute with jeans and boots or leggings and nikes.  Again, not the most stylish item, but something I need and live in during the winter months.

So there is my story of how Stitch Fix redeemed themselves in my book and I kept the whole fix for the first time.   If you are looking to try the service for the first time, please feel free to use my referral link!

*** this post contains referral and affiliate links

Monday, September 12, 2016

Two Weeks Notice

Hello??  Anyone out there?

We officially have two weeks until we say goodbye to our home here in Pennsylvania and make our way south.  It's so extremely bittersweet.  We are excited for our new adventure and the opportunity our family has been given with the relocation, and also that the girls are still young, but we also love the Northeast as it's where both of us have lived our whole lives.

With two weeks to go, I have the majority of things packed up, the rest set aside to donate or purge on a yardsale group, and a checklist of phone call to cancel and start services.  I'm hoping to actually get on here a bit more now that the craziness has started to subside.

I can't wait to get started making our new house a home and getting acclimated to our new town.