Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sunshine and WellieWishers

There is nothing I love more than a beautiful day... except for maybe uninterrupted sleep.  

Yesterday we spent the morning at the park, playing on the playground and taking the scooter and balance bikes for a spin.  Kenley finally let me teach her how to the brake on her scooter and Ashlynn is has been taking off on her new balance bike.  We picked up a second bike so Kenley could have one too and let Ashlynn take the new one.  It's the "as seen on" Shark Tank Kazam bike and we love it.  Compared to our Radio Flyer version, it's few differences - a lower cross bar and centered foot rest, make a huge difference.  Since she's learning to cruise with her fit in pedal position due to the foot rest, she won't have to learn to change her center of gravity when adding in pedals.  With her other bike, she'd just let her legs fly out to the sides since there was no where for her feet to go. 

We've been spending warmer days at the pool, and a while back I was generously sent So Cozy's Splash line, made for post swim hair.  The All in One shampoo, conditioner and body wash is perfect for throwing in the pool bag and I might even use the swim leave-in conditioner for myself because it detangles and smells coconutty amazing.   The products are carried online and in stores at Target, and I really can't rave about them enough. 

Did anyone see the line of dolls that American Girl is releasing?  Wellie Wishers, they appear to be the American Girl version of Disney Princess Toddler dolls.  Not quite as fancy, special, or large as an original AG doll, and a bit more versatile (in characteristics) than a Bitty Baby.  These seem like the perfect doll for girls (like Ashlynn) who would love an American Girl doll, but really isn't quite old enough to care for it properly.  AG dolls are recommended for ages 8 and up, and while I've contemplated giving A one (I have one saved) I know the hair will be a tangled mess and and she'll get too banged up.  Poor Bitty is ready for a trip to the AG Hospital for a neck retightening. Not too mention, AG dolls are an investment.  These dolls will be released in one week, June 23, and I'm pretty sure it might be hard to resist picking one up... our girls do love their wellies after all! ;)

Update: Just learned there is an Ashlyn, and that these dolls and their stories are in fact geared to the 5-8 year learning to read crowd.  (more here)

Now, off to Ashlynn's last gymnastics class before her big exhibition this weekend!

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