Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kenley 2.5

Kenley is officially two and half and she's made some major leaps in the last six months, naturally, the developmental milestones of dropping her "babyhood" by the wayside, but also just blossoming in her already big personality.  She ditched the crib and got her big girl bed in February, we broke the insane paci attachment around Easter, and she's been rocking undies for a solid month.

The bed transition was pretty easy.  She has a tendency to wake during the night, and before it was usually me just sleepwalking, getting her, and bringing her back to our room where we'd both go right back to sleep.  Once she got her full size bed, I would just jump with her and return to slumber.  Overall, bedtime routine didn't change too much, instead of reading in her chair, we read snuggled in bed.  It wasn't until recently, around the time we broke the pacifier (just like Ashlynn), that she started to ditch her naps.  Lately, I'm able to get a nap out of her on the days she wakes before 6am.  I usually have to bribe with the promise of going to the playground, pool, or pop pops house after.  Most days she does fine skipping it and it makes bed time much easier.

For the paci habit, we had been down to one remaining.  I had been itching to break it, but was afraid it might trigger the nap strikes like it did with Ashlynn, but Kenley was much worse with needing her bink than Ashlynn who would leave it in bed.  Kenley would leave it at home, but if at home, she usually wanted it.  One day, we couldn't find it and that basically started it.  After a night and nap without it, she found it and I immediately grabbed it and hid it away.  It was a long week of telling her it was lost every time she laid down, but she actually did okay.  We did start a new routine of me cuddling with her before bed and rubbing her back, so now "cuddle me, cuddle you?" is a nightly must.

As for potty training, it was pretty much a breeze.  However, unlike Ashlynn who is my camel of a child (like mama) she can always hold it and not need to go while out and about.  Kenley is the kid that seems to have to go where ever we are, but luckily she has no problem which is at least worth the trip instead of a germ infested fake out. I gathered up all our diapers and passed them on to friend and while I thought being rid of cribs, diapers, and pacifiers would trigger some 'loss of baby sadness', I definitely am not feeling any which definitely makes me feel content with the fact we are a completed family.

Kenley's personality has always been strong.  Fiercely independent (MY DO IT!!), stubborn, only accepting help or anything from mama, loud, and rough... however, she is also hysterical, so girly (loves dresses, dress up, chapstick, nail polish, twirling, pink, and can't leave the house without some necklaces or bracelets), athletic, and loves playing mama to her bears and babies.  She is definitely destined to accomplish anything she puts her mind to, and we are all excited to see her grow.

She is still connected at the hip with me, only allowing me to pour her milk, buckle her in the car, or give her a bath.  She will be starting pre-school soon, and it will definitely be the best thing for her getting socialization with other adults, some discipline and learning to follow some rules.  She's been getting better with being able to be talked down when she's in hysterics, but she still gets away with so much just because I choose my battles.

As far as her interests, she loves her sister and most of her sister's friends and talks about them as if they are her own.  She is still OBSESSED with Daniel Tiger and demands only chocolate milk.  However, I'll just put plain in her cup and she doesn't have a clue.  She loves any kind of art and can quietly color for long stretches of time.

She loves banana shakes, pancakes, and hummus.  She isn't crazy about veggies outside of carrots and peas, but would eat fruit all day just like big sis.  She's also finally starting to eat more protein and attempts to eat her dinner.

She loves riding her scooter, and has gotten so fast I have to ride my bike now to keep up otherwise she'll leave Ashlynn and I in the dust.  She loves water and has been doing great at the pool.  Independent as always as she won't accept help learning to float on her back, but she's doing a great job figuring it all out on her own.

We've finally hit a really sweet spot with the girls.  While we still have our fair share of toddler emotional drama, but the girls generally play really great together, and don't need me intervening 24/7.  They love to color and paint, play dress up, play in their kitchen, and chase each other around the house.

We've already hit the pool the last 3 of 4 days, and have spent all last week enjoying time outside.  I'm so excited to have the summer with them and it be truly enjoyable and not a chore or stressful as it has in years past.

Kenley, we love you so much.

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