Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

It's been just us three girls lately, so we've been finding lots of ways to stay busy that don't necessarily involve bathing suits, sunscreen, a variety of packed snacks, cries for ice cream, and 500 trips to public pool bathrooms.  I actually do enjoy taking the girls to the pool, but when the previously mentioned happens in the first hour, it's not something I look to repeat daily. 

On Friday, I bravely took both girls to see Finding Dory.  It was both their first experience in a movie theater, and overall I'd give them A- for their effort.  To be honest, I blame the neverending previews.  One, why are they so loud?? and Two, the 15 minutes they took up gave way to the girls antsy-ness in the final fifteen minutes of the movie.  Though, they both really enjoyed Piper... possibly more than Finding Dory.  It was still a fun experience for them and I look forward to seeing another... in probably six months.  

On Saturday, I snuck out for some solo time.  I headed to the outlets in search of new sunglasses.  I had been wearing my Tom Ford pair since before Ashlynn was born.  They are scratched so bad, but they fit so well and are so light, I never cared enough to find new ones.  For my birthday in January, I was going to finally get a new pair, but ended up grabbing a pair from J.Crew factory for less than $20.  They were cute, but once the weather warmed up they would slide right down my nose, and recently stretched more at the ears that if I looked down they'd fall right off my face.

I was hoping just to find a pair I liked and come back to hunt it down online for cheaper, but The Sunglass Hut got me.  I couldn't decide between two pairs, so I made use of their Buy 1, Get $50 Off the second promotion.  I have 90 days to make a return if I find one doesn't fit comfortably.  I have a thing for oversized frames, but I love the bone color and fit of these aviators.  I've never been into aviator styles for myself, but I've been converted.

After we decided to get an inflatable pool for the girls instead of dealing with the Saturday crowds.  The girls splashed to their hearts content and we enjoyed so backyard brews and cooked dinner without being rushed. 

Yesterday, we headed over to a local zoo.  It's pretty small with only a handful of exhibits, but the highlight is definitely the giraffe feeding.  The girls loved getting a chance to get up close and hand the giraffes their leaves of romaine.  We wandered around the other exhibits, before hitting up the playground, and heading out for water ice. 

These two clowns always keep me laughing.

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