Monday, June 20, 2016

Celebration Weekend

We had quite the weekend.  Perfect weather and an agenda full of fun activities.  Ashlynn last gymnastic class for the year was last Thursday.  We let Kenley participate to see if she was ready to listen to the coaches and participate so she can join the tots class this summer.  She did awesome and it was so cute watching them in class together.  After class ended, Ashlynn received her medal and was ready for Saturday's exhibition.  

Since we don't do dance, the year end gymnastics exhibition is our version of a recital and crazy proud mom over here was getting all sorts of emotional watching her participate in her level's events. The adorableness of it all, getting to relive a bit of my own childhood, and get to see the excitement and joy on her face.   It was also really great to see all the levels, up to level 10, perform their routines.  

Oh, and of course she was super stoked for her trophy at the end!

Afterwards, we celebrated and went to Iron Hill for an early Father's Day dinner.  On our way home, one of our neighbors who just graduated was having their graduation party complete with a giant inflatable obstacle course, so of course the kids couldn't resist crashing.

For Father's Day, we took the girls to the playground before heading back to get their things for their sleepover at Nanny and Pops house.  Pete had concert tickets, which he hadn't realized were for Father's Day, so he was stuck bringing me ;)   We headed out early to grab some beer and eat at Troegs before the show over at Hershey park.  We had an awesome night, I had less of a great Monday morning, but was ready to see the girls... who had a blast at their sleepover.

So thankful for the family time we had this weekend to celebrate this amazing dad.

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