Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meet Nature Cat

We recently had the opportunity to meet Nature Cat, PBS Kids newest animated series premiering Monday, May 23rd.

Nature Cat tells the story of Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. In each episode, once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, “backyard explorer extraordinaire”. Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and adventures, but there’s one problem: He’s still a house cat with no instincts for nature itself. With the help of his animal friends, Nature Cat embarks on action-packed adventures that include exciting missions full of nature investigation, “aha” discovery moments and humor, all while inspiring children to go outside and “play the show.”  Nature Cat’s adventures take him through his family’s big backyard, into the woods, and then into the “four corners” of his natural world: parks, ponds, caves, gardens, marshes, ravines, swamps, canyons, nature preserves and mountains.

We were lucky enough to preview two episodes, Fall for Hal and The Great Grasshopper Race, prior to the premiere and both girls really enjoyed it, especially Ashlynn (4 years).  The animation is bright and classic two dimensional, similar to the old 90s nicktoons of my generation, as opposed to the three dimensional animation you see in most of today's popular shows.   In the episode Fall for Hal, the animal friends go on a First Day of Fall scavenger hunt.  Scavenger hunts are something we love to do when playing outside.  As much as the girls love riding their scooters and playing ball, they have as much fun looking for different items when we walk our dogs around our neighborhood.  It's always a great way to keep them entertained and screen time free.

Of course, Nature Cat had to tag along for our exploration and we also used the cute folding binoculars and note pad PBS kindly sent along for us to get learning. Ashlynn loved pretending to take "notes" on her findings and write down things like what color the rocks she found.

Adding to the rock collection, checking out on how our flowers are blooming, or counting the rings in a tree stump to figure out how old a tree is are just some from activities we can do in our (literal) backyard.

Be sure to check out Nature Cat premiering May 23rd on PBS Kids!  You can learn more about the show at the Nature Cat facebook page.

*** A huge thank you to PBS Kids for allowing us to check out Nature Cat before it premieres, and sending us the Nature Cat plush, activity note pad, and pocket binoculars. We did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions and activities are solely our own***

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