Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life Lately

A little life lately recap....

... starting with Mother's Day because why not?  This was definitely the best yet.  Nothing big or fancy, but just awesome quality time with those who made me a mother.  We started by heading out for brunch, natch. After some chocolate chip pancakes for the girls and eggs benny for us, we came back home and attempted a family nap, with was more like mini 'massage' with the girls jumping all over us.  So we made our way over to the J.Crew factory store to take advantage of their weekend promotion, which left me with this, this, and this. After we came back and played outside to enjoy the gorgeous (but windy) weather.  

We found a frog in a yard and after letting the girls poke and name him, we brought him back to the pond.  We ate dinner and then headed out for ice cream.  Which any day is good in my book if it ends in ice cream.   It was one of those days I wish all weekends could be like... did you notice there was no cleaning?

Tuesday, the girls and I baked a cake for daddy's birthday.  It wasn't a masterpiece, but it was delicious.  And the girls were proud to help, and lick beaters and eat the crumbs. 

In other super exciting news, we are done with diapers!  I should probably do a whole post, but basically, we are officially officially officially out of babyhood.  Kenley is about to turn two and half at the end of the month and since turning two, we've transitioned into a big girl bed, ditched the pacifier, and now are done with diapers.  At the holidays we attempted to capitalize on a potty training streak, and she had a solid week using the potty for number one, but after a week decided she was over it and didn't want to bother anymore.  Since she had just turned two, I dropped and figured we'd try again when she was ready.  I've tried bringing it up a few times, since she does go here and there, but she never seemed to show enough interest.  With all the rain we've been having, I capitalized last week being home bound and indoors and just switched over to undies and she's been awesome ever since.  Holla!

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