Thursday, May 5, 2016

Insta-spired: Photo Dump #9

It's been a long time since my last (september) insta screen shot photo dump.  To be honest, I haven't been saving as many pics, mostly because I haven't been as active on instagram as I used to be.  Some time over the holidays, I stopped checking in every few hours and pulled back on my social media addiction.  I used to be obsessive about making sure I saw every picture and would scroll until I saw things from before, but thankfully now I just typically check in once a day and go through as many as I can until I get bored.

Since the algorithm started, I make sure to like my favorites 'grammers photos so they'll keep coming up and I've been slowly weeding out a lot of accounts that really don't relate to me anymore.  As much as love cute, well designed, handmade baby products... I'm no longer in the baby phase so while following accounts that focus on clothing or products for the 2 and under crowd, is just wasted real estate and time in my feed.  Which is shame because I adore the baby wraps, swaddles, blankets, rompers, and other products that are available these days, just not quite enough to open up the baby factory. ;)

Pretty obvious, coastal interiors are my favorites.  I love the idea of finding an old school dollhouse and painting it all white to make it modern. Faux healthy buffalo bites made with cauliflower, Natalie has the best recipes and food porn pictures.  But seriously, I'd eat cardboard if it had buffalo sauce on it. Lastly the dress was a reminder to check out the pattern to try something new. 

Do you have a favorite feed lately that you love??

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