Monday, April 25, 2016

Stitch Fix #10

It's been close to 6 months since my last Stitch Fix, if you remember, I was less than thrilled with my fix and have slowly been losing interest in the service.  I find the majority of the items' quality doesn't match it's price point.  A lot of times, I'll receive something that I would buy, but know I could find something similar for less elsewhere, sometimes in better quality.  I also have really been getting tired of the plethora of mixed material and surprise back tops.  I feel as if I can spot someone wearing a Stitch Fix item a mile away due to the back of their shirt.   Still, I have a handful of items I've kept over the last two years that I really have loved and have held up well.  Then there are a few that unraveled or crazy shrunk in the wash.

After pushing my Fix back twice, I finally decided I'd have it ship now as I'm in major need of casual spring/summer tops.  I wrote to my stylist requesting no shoes (I know it's their new thing and they've been sending them to everyone), and tops only.  That I wanted something I can wear while running errands with the kids and still feel like I dressed myself for the day.  I requested natural fabrics, cottons vs polyester, and that I was looking for preppy or unique tops similar to what I could find at J.Crew or Anthropologie and referenced my pinterest board.

My new stylist, Heather, said she saw of boho inspired tops on my pinterest board, and sent me the following items. (FYI, it was sheet washing day)

Alice Blue Gilderoy Embroidery Detail Top $48

| AB 2/11 Women's

Heather mentioned this one first saying it was 100% cotton (check!) and would be great with jeans for a weekend outfit.  My first thought is that it could be worn to a Seattle Seahawks tailgate, and they are not my team.  The cotton was nice and it felt well made, but it was too short and hit me awkwardly at the waist.  Aside from the neon green embroidery, I wasn't crazy about the tribal inspired design.  If I'm going"boho" I'm going more the feminine floral and lace, not tribal or Aztec....

Verdict: Returned

Papermoon Charla Crochet Sleeve Swing Knit Tank $44


Generally, I am not a fan of chevron print.  It's just been dead and feels super played out.  I do like blue, green, and white, but something about this less than thrilled me.  I guess I felt it looked cheap?  It's 95% rayon, but is breezy and would be nice with shorts running around on a summer day. Once again, I didn't really find it worth it's price, but I did think it had a flattering fit.

Verdict:  Returned

Papermoon Sarasota V-Neck Pocket Knit Top $44

| 3/2 LJ

Basically no.  I don't care for the print, and the fit was off.  Too short in the front and fit weird at the inseams on the sides.  Like it was almost trying to be a dolman sleeve, but not really. It felt like a lightweight sweater knit, but was 72% rayon, 23%, 5% spandex.  I don't think it'd be very breathable during the humid summer months and basically it just was way off the mark for me.  (Oh, and because I mention it every time.... in no way would I pay $44 for a v-neck tee.)

Verdict: Returned

Brixon Ivy Willand Lace Overlay Blouse $54


I had requested a similar blue lace top I had seen in someone else's fix.  Heather said it wasn't available, but that this was similar.  I'm probably one of few women who rarely wears black, but that killed it for me.  The fit was okay, I love the royal blue, always been a favorite color to wear because I feel like it makes my eyes look bluer, but I wish the back was blue, not black, and the lace white.  It reminded me of something I would have picked up at The Limited or Express back when I worked and paired it with black Editor pants.   Just doesn't really fit my current style.

Verdict:  Returned

Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee $44

| 3/22 LJ
(stock photo in blue)

Ugh, ok... yes, this shirt is basically all the things I'm tiring of with Stitch Fix.  Mixed materials, surprise backs, overpriced polyester, and chevron.    But but but, I kept it.  Only because I had a credit and I hate paying for the styling fee and not getting anything out of it.  Without the styling fee, I probably would have returned it all, but it was "free to me" so I kept it.  I love the fit and length in both the front and back.  Grey v-necks are definitely a go to, and while I'm not crazy about the pattern, I don't hate it.  It's definitely a shirt I can throw on and go.  So yes, I totally went back on my word above paying $44 for a v-neck tee.

Verdict: Kept

I think I might put my fixes on hold for a while.  I definitely tend to like their winter options, blouses and sweaters, better than the tops.  I also think I need to be even more specific in what I'm looking for and possibly try to request specific SF items.

What are your thoughts on this Fix?  Do you use Stitch Fix, how have you felt about your recent fixes?

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