Monday, April 11, 2016

Family Travel of the Future with the gb Pockit Stroller

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Happy Monday, Friends!  (oxymoron much?)

Regardless, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We got snow on Saturday and then yesterday was back to be bring normalish sunny spring time temps in the low 50s and ended with some reruns of Shark Tank.

Do you ever wish you could come up with some genius invention or product and take it to the Tank? When I first found out about the gb Pockit stroller my first thought was just that!  It's one of those things you dream up and wish existed- a stroller that you can fold into the size of a bag when not in use- and now it does!


The gb Pockit stroller is the the most compact folding stroller on the market and using it's two step design, this unique stroller folds up into a compact, feather-light, handbag shaped package under 10lbs.  Ideal for traveling, it fits into any plane or train overhead compartment.  Built with durable materials, the Pockit is small and light, but holds a child up to 55lbs.

We are almost out of the stroller phase as the girls insist on walking most places, however when we do travel or even take big outings to the rides or zoo, we still like having a stroller for those instances where the girls get tired or just aren't keeping up.  This is literally my dream since you can fold it up and carry when not being used, but still have it available in case you need it!  No more pushing an empty stroller through a crowd while trying to make sure your kid doesn't leave you in the dust.

The gb Pockit stroller can be found at Babies R' Us.  If you'd like to learn more about the gb Pockit, @MomCentral will be hosting a Twitter Party with @GBChildUSA on Thursday, April 28 from 1-2pm ET.  Join in the discussion with #gbPockit to find out how the gb Pockit gives on-the-go Moms a portable stroller ideal for all family travel and adventure.  Additionally, two pre-party winners and six party winners will receive $50 Amex gift cards and one grand prize winner will receive the gb Pockit Stroller!

Save the date, see you at the party ;)

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