Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Bookworm] Bitty Book Club

this week's kid lit shelfie

Kenley and I hit up storytime this week while Ashlynn was in school and brought back some extra books to enjoy.  I always try to keep Ashlynn's book shelves a mix of her favorite books with some  extra new ones.  She can be weary of trying new stories and routinely requesting the same ones.  I feel like the compromise of a well loved with a something new is the best way to get new stories in the rotation.  She also leaves her light on after we say goodnight and 'reads' her books to Bitty Baby.  If she were to read you Dragons Love Tacos, you'd be convinced she could actually read.  She's got the whole thing memorized.  As she says, she has a 'great remembory'. ;)

And, worth noting, she loved our library picks! I should have know Wolfie the Bunny was going to be good since it's a blogger fav and seen on every pinterest bookshelf out there, but for some reason I never cared much to add it to our list.  She actually had me read it two times in a row and then had dad read it to her before bed.  Dog Days of School is a book I previously included in a Back to School Book round up, so I was excited to find it hiding out on a shelf. 

Lastly, I posted on instagram a bit back about the hashtag #bittybookclub.  I would love if any kid lit lovers would tag and share their favorite kids books.  I have tons saved to my Amazon Wishlist, but always find it hard remembering what I want to pick up when actually at the library (I should open my Amazon App), but I take recommendations seriously!  It would be such a great reference to search the tag and see what everyone is loving.  

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