Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ashlynn's 4th Frozen Fever Birthday Party

Please prepare for photo overload.  I figured I'd just make one big old post so if any of this makes it's way to Pinterest it's all in one spot for those who've been requested for similar Frozen themed parties.  Ashlynn had initially just asked for a Frozen party, but since she has a spring birthday, I talked her into Frozen Fever.  I figured it'd be easier to use sunflowers and the movies' birthday party theme.

Knowing Ashlynn can be overwhelmed in large group settings and I knew I wanted her to enjoy her birthday relaxed and happy. So we nixed the idea of going to the local trampoline park, bounce zone, and her gymnastics gym with her whole class for a party at home with her cousins, our close local friends including a friend from school and a friend from gymnastics. It was just the right amount of kids in the house (10), but since they were mostly over 3, I knew we needed some activities to keep the kids from getting crazy or getting bored. 

I decided to take the Frozen Fever theme past just the decorations and cake and interpret the movie (more like music video) into the actual party.  We had a string tied to the door and it literally wrapped around our house with different activities for the kids based on all the gifts Anna collects from Elsa.

Of course, the table was the star of the party, I mean don't people just come to parties for the cake? ;)  Some cheap yellow and sunflower paper fans and an easy DIY project that I did with Ashlynn one afternoon to make the rest of the sunflowers for the backdrop.  I'll share more on those another day.

Anna | Elsa (under $10) | Mini Frozen Fever Figures (currently over 60% off)

I ordered the cake from a pledge sister of mine who now has her own cake business. I typically would have made a cake or cupcakes myself since it's a huge savings to do so, but Ashlynn was really excited about her birthday cake, and I just knew we had to thee Frozen Fever cake and there was no way I'd do it justice.  Some Frozen Fever toys doubling for decor and kid friendly snacks and we were all set.

I did manage to make some royal icing cookies, sunflowers with chocolate jimmies for the centers, some snowgies and number 4s

Variety of hoagies for Anna's love of sandwiches, and cheese that resembles the Rapunzel flower more than a sunflower, but I tried. And 'Follow the String" string cheese for kids like Kenley who only eat cheese sticks. 

The melted snowman water cracked Ashlynn up and was way easier than making a punch. ;)  The little pom pom snowgies you see hiding around the table were made with craft store pom poms, hot glue and black puff paint.  We gave them out to the kids as they left.

I brought down the kid tables, Ikea Latt and Ikea Kritter,  and set up a bracelet making station for the first activity.  Since Anna's first gift was a bracelet, I thought this would be a good way for the kids to "break the ice" since children can typically be shy when entering a party.  The girls loved beading the pony beads on the plastic bracelets and it was a great way to get everyone involved right away as they arrived.

After, we moved the tables aside to play a game of musical chairs.  Ashlynn has played at school and I know it's a favorite.  Naturally, they dance around the chairs to "Making Today a Perfect Day". 

We also had a great game of Pin the Nose (Carrot?) on the Olaf.  Not sure if the kids have been blindfolded before because they all thought it was the funniest thing.  The string had gone to Oaken's Trading post, where everyone could have gotten a Frozen tattoo, but the excitement was too much and the kids were all having a good time.  No need for extra activities if everyone is content.  The string then rounded into the dining room to the kid sized photo booth (kid sized being extra low backdrop) for some silly pictures with some Frozen Fever printable props. If you're still relating games to gifts, this was inspired by the portrait Anna receives. 

The string ended at the platter of sandwiches everybody filled up and after we all sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake.  Which, if I haven't mentioned, was amazing.  The top tier was purple vanilla cake, a big surprise for the birthday girl, and bottom chocolate chocolate chip cake.  After we opened presents always a highlight for the kids.

Each child was treated to a Disney Little Golden Book and Frozen Ring for their party favor.  There is nothing I love more than children's books and hate more then plastic junk in a cup for a party favor. I'm pretty sure it was one of the best days ever for Ashlynn and will be quite memorable too, since she's still talking about it non-stop. It was the perfect party for our daughter, in the comfort of our home with she wanted there. I had said I had gone all out since this would be our last at home party, but I'm not so sure.  I mean, Kenley is only 2...... ;)

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