Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[Crafty Lady] Coffee Filter Flowers

A little fun paper craft if you're looking for something easy to do with your toddler or need some Mother's Day flower decorations. 

We made these dyed coffee filter sunflowers for decoration for Ashlynn's Frozen Fever themed birthday party.  You could dyed the flowers any color or use mess (and stain) free "water colors" by having your child color the filters with markers then painting them over with water and brush.   

We used a large tupperware container and added a bit of water, about a 1/2" full and added a few drops of food coloring.  We dipped them in a few at time and placed them on some paper towels to dry.  Beware the food coloring will stain, so prepare and protect your area and clothing if kids are helping.  After letting them dry out overnight, fold them in half four times (shown below).  Similar to making paper snowflakes, cut the folded filter into the shape of a petal.  I would cut three at a time since we made a bunch, but you can have your tot follow a line with safety scissors.  Ashlynn tried, but since she is a lefty her righty scissors didn't work too well so I did it for her.  

After cutting, I let her unfold the flowers and they we layered them together by brushing modge podge into the centers.  We layered three together setting the petals off center to give the flowers a fuller look.  

Since we wanted sunflowers to match Anna's birthday dress and decorations, I used a q-tip and some brown acrylic paint to paint the seeded centers. Markers, crayons, or gluing constructions paper to the center would work just as well.

And that's it!  You could make a garland for a mantle or even lay them over a table cloth as a table runner.  The best part was we had everything on hand so this was a FREE activity that doubled as party decor.

Do you have a favorite easy and free craft you do with kids??

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