Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Break

Hello!  I guess I'll start the second half of this month with my second post.  It's hard to blog when it feels like homework.  Also with the early spring weather and nighttime Mad Men binges (6 episodes left) not much to report.   I feel like this is a repeat post from earlier in the month, but here we go!

- I made another dress, this one for Kenley.  I love the flutter sleeves, notched neckline and pom trim bodice.  I also used the buttons from a favorite J.Crew cardigan from years ago that got a hole in the elbow.  Before I ditched the sweater, I cut off all the buttons because I loved them.  So glad I did, and need to remember to do that to all my future discards.

The Easter Bunny is ready to doorbell ditch, with a few classic candies (jelly beans, peeps, cadbury eggs, and chocolate bunnies), some dollar spot finds, and a Frozen Fever Elsa and Anna dolls to prep the girls for the Frozen Fever birthday party.  

See, told you it was the same post.   Everyone better get their green out, tomorrow is St.Patrick's Day! 

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