Monday, March 21, 2016

Frozen Fever Frenzy

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I am in the midst of planning and prepping for Ashlynn's Frozen Fever 4th birthday bash.  When she originally told me she wanted a Frozen party - naturally, I decided to slightly nudge her into a Frozen Fever party instead, since Frozen Fever is all about Anna's birthday. I've gathered a ton of pinspiration and since we are trying to keep the party to a small amount of friends Ashlynn's age, it's time the party focused more on the kids than the grown-ups. Meaning, putting out some food and letting the kids run crazy isn't really the same as when they are one and two.  

To put some order, focus, and fun into the party I decided to follow the theme of the movie short, well more like Follow the String!  The plan is to have the kids follow a literal string, like Anna, from station to station, each based on the gifts Anna receives.  

Starting with a bracelet making station, a musical chairs inspired cuckoo clock timed game, hoagies for lunch, Frozen family portrait photo booth with character props, sunflower stockings to cover the eyes for pin the nose on the Olaf, and some more fun surprises to follow along the birthday girl's journey.  I'll definitely try to share more as I go, like this birdhouse doubling as the Olaf cuckoo clock.

I see lots of sunflowers and snowgies in my future!

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