Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

(yesterday morning's snowfall)

I guess this could also be called a confessions post, but not everything is really a guilty pleasure, thought, or secret.  I find doing mundane things very stress relieving, whether it's folding laundry, painting walls, sewing, building, or crafting, if my hands are staying busy and there isn't a lot to focus my mind on, it will really wander all over.  I generally find myself thinking about celebrity news, probably because I read too much of it.

Since I've been doing a lot of tasks mentioned above, I thought I'd share a peek into my oh so fabulous inquisitive and intellectual mind.

>  I wish this wasn't the case, but like every other 20-30 something mom out there, I'm kind of obsessed with Justin Bieber's new album.  Not to be mistaken with being obsessed with Bieber. I seriously love every single song and sing and dance to each much to the husband's chagrin.

>  Did you know Love Yourself was actually written by Ed Sheeran and he's playing the guitar on the track.  Makes so much sense doesn't it, it totally has the Ed Sheeran sound.  And Halsey's cover, is perfection.

> Halsey got her stage name because it's an anagram of her name Ashley.

> Do the radio stations purposely play the Bieber and Selena songs back to back to be like Pop's very own soap (literal) opera.

> Speaking of Selena, generally never though her singing was anything amazing.  Like she's a Britney and Demi is the Christina.  Cute, already famous, and sellable, but doesn't really hold a ton talent.  However, she finally got me with Hands to Myself.  Not only is the video super enjoyable to watch (ha), she actually sounds pretty good and the beat is fun.  If I were still in college, it would totally be on a pre-game getting ready playlist with my roommates before a night out.  Now I just sing it to my clueless toddlers who probably think it's about sharing toys and not hitting.

 > I've totally fall off instagram.  Around the holidays I stopped checking in as much and now I barely do once a day.  I've never been big on the book, and I've recently gotten back into Pinterest big time.  It's funny how things ebb and flow.  I've been "making" a lot recently and it's been giving me a lot of inspiration... such as

>  I've finally decided I'm going to chalk paint Kenley's bed, I'm trying to figure out the perfect shade and practice the technique.  The girls have an rocking chair that was giving to my mother in law from a friend.  I've been meaning to paint it for years now, and am testing on brushes and colors on that before going with the bed.

> K's mattress is scheduled to arrive sometime next week.  I wish she was potty trained already.  I really should just go for it and do it, but diapers can be so much easier especially considering our schedule isn't dictating by her bladder, like Ashlynn's was when she trained.  I was really pissed off buying another box of diapers today at target.  It's got nearly 200 so I'm going to hope its the box and we can have her trained by the time run out.  Goals.

> I was searching for something in our sunroom (craftroom) a few days back and re-realized how out of control my fabric stash is.  I wanted to order some fabric to make something for Ashlynn's birthday party, so I'm going to practice with making other tops and dresses before it arrives.  I have so much I might as well pick a few projects and get back into it.

> My house is a disaster. Even when I completely clean and straighten up a room, it's chaos a few hours later.  I blame winter and being stuck indoors for toys floating all over the house, finding Ashlynn's clothes randomly in different rooms (because she insists on changing into the same pink sweatpants everyday immediately arriving home from whereever we have gone that I refused to let her wear them).  I'm so itching to spring clean and purge.

Okay, off to pick up the mess I'm staring at.

What are some of the random thoughts in your head lately??

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