Monday, February 22, 2016

Pillow Fight

Well, we did it, Kenley is officially in a big girl bed!  She did great going to sleep last night, better than her sister, and only called me in twice during the night.  Once for a lost a bink and went back to sleep, and the second time because I think she was a little confused where she was, so I just climbed in with her since it's a full and I don't need to bring her to our room now.

We ran to Target this morning to pick up two bed pillows since she only had the toddler size crib pillow, and the Pillowfort Collection was completely picked over.  I don't know if my Target only got a little in, but the selection was slim.  Which is a good thing since I'm pretty sure the Husband would have cut my card if I came home with more stuff, but these sheets were hard to pass over.

I still might need to figure out a way to add this unicorn, especially for the price!

Ashlynn was dying to sleep over in her bed, but we want Kenley to have some time to adjust.  We promised them a sleepover this weekend if all goes well.  I can't believe my babies are out of cribs, I look forward to all the changes as they grow, but big milestones like this always stop me and make me realize how quickly time is flying.

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