Monday, February 15, 2016

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I had previously mentioned I got the itch to start sewing again.  The sunroom is a disaster and I'd love to start organizing it, again, but I started looking my giant stash of fabric and thought it's high time I learn to do a button hole and insert a zipper, and other things that intimidate me.   I started with this free pattern and tutorial from It's Always Autumn, probably because it was already in a 4T and I had everything it needed - fabric, thread, elastic, bias tape, and pom trim. 

Aside from a bunch of seam ripping when trying to properly attach the sleeves, the tutorial calls for single fold bias tape and I only had double so I had to try to figure out the right way to fold to get it all right.  I've already started on another for Kenley and hope to try to get started on another pattern soon, I have a bunch pinned so it'll be a case of eennie, meanie, minee, moe.

Ashlynn had her Valentine's Swap at school on Friday and since printer is out of ink, she got to pass out some really awesome handmade valentines.  Hopefully the kids didn't care too much, Kenley has been sleeping with the unicorns she swiped.

Kenley's big girl mattress is scheduled to arrive this week, so I stopped waffling over a thousand colors and just bought a can and got to work.  I grabbed Americana Decor Chalk Paint in Primitive (similar to Annie Sloan French Linen) and just took the plunge.  I had tested Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint in Seashell and CraftSmart Deep Peach previous after nixing a contrasting deep purple. I thought the soft colors would fit the room better and compete less with the bedding, but I was afraid they would get lost in the wall color or be too matchy with the bedding.

I mixed a few swatches to see what colors I could achieve by lightening the paint, but you can see, once next to the wall, they would have just blended in.

I had sanded and primed the footboard before deciding on using chalk paint, while it was a waste of time, no harm and the chalk paint had really easy coverage over the cherry frame. 

I'm still a bit unsure if this fades into the wall too much too, (disclaimer the lighting is awful in this photo), but if I do decide I want something else, we have another exact same bed frame.  We scored TWO off craigslist for about $65, so this frame can easily go in the guest room.  I think it'll be easier to see what direction to go in one the bed is in the room and other decor changed around. However, I am now obsessed with chalk paint.  So easy and once it's waxed it just looks so velvety. 

So I've been domesticating it up over here with my sewing, painting, and baking.  Next up, planning Ashlynn's birthday!

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