Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

It's still under two weeks out, I'm not crazy behind am I?  Oh, you've moved on to prepping for Valentines?  Well, okay then.

Christmas, as expected, was all kids of wonderful.  On Christmas Eve, we baked fresh batch of cocoa cookies and had dinner at home with Nanny and Pop Pop.  As soon as they left, the girls got in their Christmas jammies and set out the cookies and milk.  Ashlynn even left a few 'notes' out for Santa.

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After the kids were tucked all snug in their beds, Santa came and crushed some cookies and unloaded the goods.  The presents under the tree are from family.  Whether things sent from grandparents or uncles, or straight from mom and dad. Santa leaves his gifts by the fireplace and fills the stockings.  Ashlynn still thought most things were from him, but generally started to understand that a lot came from people she actually knows. A nice way to build in the future about giving as well as receiving, as she will start to give a bit more as she grows.

On Christmas morning, I woke with Ashlynn whispering in my face that Santa came.  Kenley hadn't woken yet, and I assumed it was still really early.  I told her to wait so I could get my contacts and get Kenley, but in her excitement she showed me that Santa brought her a horse, conveniently stuffed under her arm.  I gasped when I realized she had already been downstairs, she was holding the Starlite (Rainbow Brite revival anyone?) stuffed animal my brother had sent.  I corrected her and told her it was from Uncle Justin.  She continued without missing a beat.  "And Santa brought my Elsa umbrella, and dress up!" I was totally bummed for missing her reactions and not getting to do the Christmas morning reveal as a family, but it was pretty hysterical that she trudged down there on her own to scope out the situation and report back the goods.  I got Kenley up and we headed down, it was about 6:30am which is why it was still dark, but that was actually a decent time for these early birds.

new slippers from bopo and yiayia (Ashlynn | Kenley

Aside from the dress up rack, dresses, and umbrella, the girls got some new puzzles, books, a few toys like play food and some small figures like magiclip princesses and doc mcstuffins.  We got a few family gifts, boards games and a new another kindle fire.  Daddy got the ukelele he asked Santa for, and surprisingly has been doing a good job at actually learning to play it ;)  He was surprised with a new pair of running shoes, golf spikes, and stocking stuffer sunglasses since he lost his.  I got a my Black Friday flat iron, some new sweats, and slippers and the husband surprised me with a night away in the city for the following day.

We facetimed with family, and had a really nice time enjoying the rest of the almost 70 degree weather day.   It was really a great kick off for the whole week together. 

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