Monday, January 11, 2016

Under the Table and Dreaming

I love the look of a jute or natural fiber rugs under dining tables, and when we actually get a dining room table, I'll most likely be adding one to the space.  However, I had really wanted an area rug for under our kitchen table to help bring a little personality and anchor the eat-in-kitchen space.

Initially, I was scouring for a natural fiber rug since they are neutral, but add in nice texture and layer to the space.  I quickly realized it would be a nightmare since any natural fiber rugs - jute, sisal, or wool - are nearly impossible to keep clean in regards to stains, which dropped food is a regular occurrence around here.  A friend suggested an indoor/outdoor rug, since many feel like real rugs, but can be cleaned with some dish soap and a garden hose.  Our outdoor rug feels like plastic, so after seeing the ones she had in her kitchen, I was sold.  I've been searching for a few months and waiting for deals, knowing that RugsUSA usually offers 70% Off standard and up to 80% Off around holidays.

I finally came across a vintage inspired rug I loved during their New Year's Sale, but it didn't mention the care instructions in the description.  Since it was listed as 100% polypropylene, the contents of indoor/outdoor rugs, I assumed it was and that I would be able to care for it as such.

It arrived last week, and I love it.  It was way more plush than I expected and felt like a real rug, not a glorified mat.  I checked the tag and while it is indeed 100% polypropylene, it does have care instructions to blot spills immediately and spot clean with mild soap when necessary.  I wish I would have known because I would have ordered it larger for either the living or family room because I love the print, color scheme, and texture.


The girls took it for a test drive as I decided if I was going to keep something not as kid and food friendly, but it was such a steal and I loved it too much to hassle with sending it back and paying return shipping.  I'm sure a rug in the kitchen is like carpet in a bathroom to some, but I'm definitely not in that camp.  I actually like that it will be able to collect the crumbs (sounds horribly disgusting) as opposed to the dogs licking mopping the floor every time we eat.  I sweep vac the floors at least daily if not more, so vacuuming the rug is no big deal, at least you won't see the glare of crumbs and playdoh, and hopefully protect our floor a bit from the scratches it's incurred at the wrath of sippies and silverware.

So, are you yay or nay on areas rug in the kitchen??

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