Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Too Long End of Year Post

The rest of our holiday break included our parent's night out, the girls first sleepover at Nan and Pops, New Year's Day and Birthday Brunch, and a visit to the cousins.

The biggest focus of the whole break was potty training.  Yep.  Potty training.  Kenley has shown interest in the potty since around September when she would insist on trying to sit before or after (or both) bathtime.  We had gotten a handful of successes and naturally her favorite bedtime books became Potty and Big Girl Panties.  I had originally thought I'd try when Kenley hit 26 months, no rhyme or reason as that was the age Ashlynn successfully switched diapers.  However, with the time off from school and activities and the extra hands around the house, I thought the holiday break would be the most beneficial.  About a week before I planned to start, she did the big deed and I knew she was ready.  Pretty much from that point on, she would insist on sitting on the potty before any diaper change, so while not making it, she was getting the whole concept.

Long, too personal story short, instead of cutting the cord and going straight to undies, I used pull-ups.  For a solid week, she stayed dry at nap and night, and used the potty whenever she needed, most at my urging.  She would tell me no if she didn't need to, but it seems I would catch her and remind her to try before accidents occurred.  However, we were successful on all fronts, hence the pull ups.  About a week in she ended up regressing and decided she was no longer interested in using the potty and would continue using diapers.  I'm not sure if she had a stumble on the potty or was just unwilling to really get trained on all fronts, but we pulled back.  She's clearly super young and I'm not going to force something that isn't working.  It's been a little over a week now, and she finally decided to use the potty again tonight, so taking her lead, we'll see where it goes.  Even though I was hoping to enter 2016 diaper free, I'm just really proud she's done as great as she has at just over two.

Back to the non-potty talk.  The day after Christmas we were ready to have the kids picked up by Nanny and Pop to spend the night, as we headed into the city to see a show, eat a sushi dinner, and sleep at a fancy hotel - staycation at it's finest.  Naturally, I was woken up at 4am by Ashlynn puking in the hallway.  She was sick for about an hour or so before keeping down some toast and falling back asleep.  There was a nasty stomach bug going around in our area over the holiday and while we we were afraid it was going to cancel our (non-refundable tickets and hotel) she was back to herself when she woke and totally fine the rest of the day.

And we headed off to the city.  Even though we only live about 30minutes from Philadelphia, we rarely find ourselves visiting these days.  I lived in and went to college in the city and we actually met while working for the same company in center city and making the most of good ol' corporate happy hour life. It was nice to head back and get to benefit from some of the things we are lucky enough to be close to.

We dropped our stuff off and checked out our view of Billy (William Penn atop City Hall) from the Loews Hotel, and then walked down to the Forrest Theater to see The Book of Mormon.  After the show, we headed off to dinner at Morimoto and stuffed ourselves full of the best fresh raw fish around.  FYI... we'd both marry the tuna pizza, so so good.

booties | jeans | coat (anthro, old) | scarf (similar)

please don't let Morimoto's interesting lamps distract from my handsome date ;)

We got a nice check in from the grands that the girls were all ready for bed and the perfect guests... reading three books and going right to sleep!

It was the perfect night for both us and the kids to get a chance to recharge and a bit of space.  We stayed busy during the week going to the indoor trampoline park and all catching various colds.  We ended 2015 going out to brunch... the same way we started 2016.  Nothing better than brunch, except these silly faces.

(Annual NYD Pajama Brunch)

Happy New Year Friends!

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