Monday, January 4, 2016


Long time, no blog.  

Lots to catch up on from the holidays, so apologies in advance for bringing you back to the land of glitter and sweets.  I know you are all probably feeling like me wanting to wipe the slate clean with clean eating and clean houses.  We really had a great break.  The husband always takes the week between Christmas and New Years off so it's like a staycation of sorts with lots of family time and never too many plans to wear us down. 

We all got some sort of sickness, but I'm pretty sure no one with kids escaped it.  Between stomach bugs and stuffy noses, no one was ever flying at 100%.  Santa came and brought his magic, which I'll do a whole post on later, and the adults even got a nice little getaway while the kids had their first sleepover and Nanny and Pops. We started our binge on MadMen and watched the much talked about Netflix doc, Making a Murderer.  Oh, and I'm another year older to boot. 

Feel free to skip the holiday posts if you are sick of them, I'll hopefully be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!

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