Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All Aboard!

Catching up where we last left off... we finally had our voyage on the North Pole Express a few days before Christmas.  It was the first time the girls were on a train and the whole event was magic.

We rode the North Pole Express train, at the New Hope Ivyland Railroad for locals.  It's a restored classic 1920s steam train and passenger cars and the Victorian era train station definitely added to the excitement while waiting to board.  The ride includes cocoa (at just the right temperature for little ones), a chocolate chip cookie, and a sing a long of carols.   And of course, the the Claus' make an appearance for photos and to hand out a sleigh bell to each child. 

The girls had a great time, even if the weather was rainy and drive wasn't the fastest.  Our crew headed over to the brewery across the tracks after for lunch and deserved beers for the moms.  Especially after the incident when we were seated where Ashlynn freaked about a giant fly on the window... that I went to smash and instead shattered a vintage style Christmas bulb.  Because the day isn't done until my inner klutz comes out and makes a scene.

these two always holding hands
and lunch dating over shared crayons and elmo

This is a tradition we will look forward to continuing!

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