Thursday, January 28, 2016

Plans for Kenley's Little Girl Room

We have recently been discussing the pros and cons of transitioning Kenley out of the crib.  While she is capable of climbing out, she doesn't, but she does like climbing in. The bigger issue is that before naps and bed she races for Ashlynn's bed or our own and tucks herself under the covers, closes her eyes, and fakes a snore - and refuses to get out.  We have her bed frame in the basement and it's a full size, I'm hoping the girls will just decide to sleep together which hopefully in turn keeps them from climbing into our bed.

I'm not looking to change her room drastically, just transition the space from nursery to bedroom.  Paint, curtains, closet, and dresser will all stay put, so I'm looking to find bedding that will coordinate.  I'm looking to stick to the peach, aqua, and lavender hues and wouldn't mind some playful or whimsical touches since she is a little girl.  Unlike Ashlynn and her obsession with bunnies, Kenley seems to love all things equally.  Teddy bears, rainbows, unicorns, ice skates, mermaids, animals, and circles, she has no direction... or clue what is even happening.

Here are a few bedding design boards I hope fit the space.

star pillow | blush pillow | floral pillow | unicorn | sheets | quilt | duvet

It's hard finding children's bedding with peach versus baby pink.  I have fallen in love with this quilt, despite its hefty price tag and the fact it has so much texture and all the colors in her room.  Instead of the mermaid sheets shown to coordinate with it, I would pair with the Starla sheet set which has an angel princess riding a unicorn. The mint and soft pink coordinates perfect and adds that touch of whimsy for a little girl.  The duvet cover is great because it's a soft blush and steal.  Add in a few throw pillows for good measure and a new unicorn friend to snuggle at bed.

I geeked out a bit when I found this Rifle Paper Co-esque floral bedding set at Target of all places.  Which shouldn't be a surprise, because duh, Target is awesome.  I already have similar art in her room and feminine and girly were the words I previously used to describe the nursery.  You can't get much girlier than flowers, hearts, and tiny dancers.

Going the opposite of option one's soft muted colors, this floral duvet packs a bright punch and would definitely give the room some personality.  The coordinating sheets and a solid quilt to calm it down.

So, help me decide- which is your favorite??

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hippity Hop Over to PBKids

I know we aren't even in February for Valentine's Day yet, but just wanted to spread the word for anyone with new babes or looking to add a personalized Easter basket to their collection, Pottery Barn Kids is having a 20% off Flash Sale on all Easter items.  And on top of that, you can get free shipping with code FREESHIP which I always wait for when shopping there because their rates are pretty high.

I love all the Peter Rabbit items too!

And while speaking of PBK, did anyone else geek out over their Emily & Meritt Collection?  I have always loved their PBTeen items and love they expanding to the babies.  I only wish they included bedding for small kids since we are going to transition Kenley soon and I would love something in their style, but a little less grown up then the teen options.

The cat hamper, the rocking chairs, and stroller blankets are so perfect!  I wish this was around four years ago!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed In!

I'm sure most of the most readers are over the snow-filled photos and posts, but I just have to document the Blizzard 2016.  The official total for our area was 26", but it definitely felt like more due to the drifts.  This was the most either of us (and our neighborhood) could remember ever getting at one time.  Pete tried to keep up with shoveling a little through out the storm on Saturday, but it was just daunting since the winds were high, temps low, and snowfall rapid.  At least we were able to get out on Sunday, but that's the benefit of having dogs, we'll never get snowed in since they force us out.  The neighborhood kids came over and shoveled for a hour or so, but didn't get very far before it started to get dark and I offered them all some hot cocoa and Ashlynn's antics to warm up.

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning...

bar height table and chairs

the pathway from the door out to the driveway

shoveled area for the dogs

shoveling out

perfect ice luge for the girls

If you thought that was a lot of pics, here are the rest.  It was a lot of fun even if Kenley was mostly stuck and the snow too powdery to build a snowman.  We had a lot of fun playing and then drinking the obligatory cocoa afterwards.  We baked chocolate chip cookies for our neighbors who helped snowblow our sidewalks and driveway since I think we are the other house on the block without one.  

this is our driveway going up
and going down (a snowblower would be a prudent investment)

eating snow

And while it was snowing out the outside, this girl was painting inside.  So thankful for my Monday run to Lowes and being smart enough to grab two gallons of paint and ice melt before even knowing their was a storm on the way.  

I hope all the east coasters stayed safe, warm, and dry!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Loving Lately

Lots of fun things to mention, seems like it's been awhile since the last round up.

Have you guys seen Target's collab with Fisher Price?  It's the cutest wooden toys for babies and toddlers.  You can get 10% off with Cartwheel or code WOODEN to save 10% for online orders.

Back in the fall, So Cozy reached out to see if we were interested in trying a line of their shampoo and conditioners.  They sent us the Boo! line which is formulated to repel lice, which is something I'd rather not deal.  However, what sold me is that the products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, and propylene glycol.  The main ingredients used are tea tree oil and rosemary extract, which are the key ingredients used in DIY essential oil lice repellent sprays. Honestly though, we truly love this line regardless of the nasties it keeps away.  The peppermint oil in the shampoo and conditioner smells so good and we still get a great lather even though it's free of sulfates.  Since using it Ashlynn's hair has appeared to be less tangled. less whispy and stronger.  We've used a 'green' hair products, Honest and Burt's, on the girls in the past and always returned to Aveeno.  This is definitely our new brand.

Products can be found at Target or Amazon.

I love these Pottery Barn everyday dishes, our's are holding up pretty well, but one salad plate recently cracked and the mugs are getting chips.  Thankfully, ours are still carried by Crate and Barrel so it's easy to replace what we need.

Of course all the resort wear lines are coming out, just in time for a predicted foot of snow.  I have a feeling when the temps do start to rise, I'll be getting this top in multiple colors for summer, love the bright amethyst and tropical forest.

Lastly, my "birthday present" was that I could pick out a new pair of sunglasses.  My current pair, Tom Ford Jennifers, I got over four years ago.  They are scratched, but they are really lightweight and comfortable.  I seem to always stick to similar shapes, but I'm thinking of ordering these Marc Jacobs ones since the price is a steal.  I would usually get the tortoise looking Dark Havana, but I keep finding myself drawn to light pink shades and think the translucent pearl might be a fun change.

What have you been loving lately??

Monday, January 18, 2016

What Choo Talking About, Toddlers?!

It's been a long time since I last did a Ashie-isms post, it actually seems A was as old as Kenley is now the last time I checked in.  Which isn't surprising since this age makes for the funniest sayings and phrases.


One of our bedtime books is Ten Little Ladybugs, each page K will stop me from reading, put her hand on my chest tell me 'count', then count the bugs - 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 18, 18, 18!

"Come Mommy, come!" Done with the motion of swiping her hand downward behind her back.

She had the sweetest "Merry Kiss-miss!", she would hand out blocks and then walk away waving "Merry Kiss-miss!"

"Ya you?  Ashie, ya you?" - translation, "Where are you?"

"BinkaBank" - her bink and blank, but stands most for her blankie since she'll still ask 'binkabank' after she's found her paci.

"sum tin, eeeeat."  Ashlynn always demands "I want something to eat" and now K has taken up the phrase too.

"gogurt, nana, aisins" - her meal requests, every meal, and the occasional "butter samwich"

the constant "My do it!"

"bess you, tank youuuu!"  - currently, best manners in the house

"mope" (remote)

"boo-boos"  (boobies)

"slippies" (slippers)

"sue-vee" (smoothie)

"cin-min see-ya" (cinnamon cereal, her fav)


"come on guys, are you kidding me?"

before any statement "the thing is... "


Back when I was a little tiny baby, like this big, like six minutes ago....

"last day" or "last morning" (yesterday)

"Baxter's breath is re-awfulous"  (ridiculous + awful)

(watches tv shows in spanish, specifically Sofia)

What are your favorite sayings from your littles lately?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fresh Start - Coastal Inspired Family Room Updates

It seems like every January, after the house is cleared of all things Christmas, I take an inventory of what it is that's missing and scour to find the perfect additions to help complete our home.  I finally feel I really have nailed my style down, and thankfully the husband is a fan and also doesn't really care so much.  I realize that decisions made in haste, on budget, or out of necessity (ie, all the furniture we bought when we moved into our first home) aren't really items I'd use to curate a dream room or home, or just our home now ;)

You can checkout my pinterest boards to really get my vibe, but as I said a few posts back, I'm drawn to all things coastal inspired.  Not to be confused with shore house kitch.  Since our house was a Crayola box when we moved in, we quickly painted the family room BM Revere Pewter and adjoining kitchen Revere Pewter lightened to 50% strength.  After living with it for three years, it's just not the right color for the space and the light we get throughout the day.  It's a warmer gray, and seems to pull more yellow and tan under tones that I would like, it just appears dingy.  I prefer cooler shades and grays that pull icy silvers or blues.  So in an effort to brighten our dark family room, I'm hoping some paint will work magic.  After that I'd like to add some new accents to the items we already own.

We own the sectional and a similar bookcase from Joss & Main.  We recently moved our dark wood Pottery Barn coffee table to the living room, and I'm waiting for this ottoman to come back in stock.  I think it'll be a lot lighter physically for the space since it is open underneath and of course, lighter in color compared to the dark and bottom heavy table previously in the space (next to the dark graphite sofa). 

Like every other blogger, I'd love to add the ubiquitous moroccan shag rug, but have been waiting until we ditch the carpet and install hardwoods.  Lastly, I'd love to add a cozy club chair for additional seating since it's awkward for guests to all sit on the same sectional, though it is rare we have company sitting around the tv.  It would also just help balance the room conversationally.  

I already have my thrifted blue and white ginger jars on the mantle and nods to nautical with resin coral sculpture and jute rope hanging mirror.

As for paint, I've been waffling between three options.  The paint in the front of the house is BM White Water.  If I move a shade lighter on the swatch card it's Stone White.  I also like Genesis White and Marilyn's Dress (pictured above).  Looks like grabbing some samples are in store for the weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Under the Table and Dreaming

I love the look of a jute or natural fiber rugs under dining tables, and when we actually get a dining room table, I'll most likely be adding one to the space.  However, I had really wanted an area rug for under our kitchen table to help bring a little personality and anchor the eat-in-kitchen space.

Initially, I was scouring for a natural fiber rug since they are neutral, but add in nice texture and layer to the space.  I quickly realized it would be a nightmare since any natural fiber rugs - jute, sisal, or wool - are nearly impossible to keep clean in regards to stains, which dropped food is a regular occurrence around here.  A friend suggested an indoor/outdoor rug, since many feel like real rugs, but can be cleaned with some dish soap and a garden hose.  Our outdoor rug feels like plastic, so after seeing the ones she had in her kitchen, I was sold.  I've been searching for a few months and waiting for deals, knowing that RugsUSA usually offers 70% Off standard and up to 80% Off around holidays.

I finally came across a vintage inspired rug I loved during their New Year's Sale, but it didn't mention the care instructions in the description.  Since it was listed as 100% polypropylene, the contents of indoor/outdoor rugs, I assumed it was and that I would be able to care for it as such.

It arrived last week, and I love it.  It was way more plush than I expected and felt like a real rug, not a glorified mat.  I checked the tag and while it is indeed 100% polypropylene, it does have care instructions to blot spills immediately and spot clean with mild soap when necessary.  I wish I would have known because I would have ordered it larger for either the living or family room because I love the print, color scheme, and texture.


The girls took it for a test drive as I decided if I was going to keep something not as kid and food friendly, but it was such a steal and I loved it too much to hassle with sending it back and paying return shipping.  I'm sure a rug in the kitchen is like carpet in a bathroom to some, but I'm definitely not in that camp.  I actually like that it will be able to collect the crumbs (sounds horribly disgusting) as opposed to the dogs licking mopping the floor every time we eat.  I sweep vac the floors at least daily if not more, so vacuuming the rug is no big deal, at least you won't see the glare of crumbs and playdoh, and hopefully protect our floor a bit from the scratches it's incurred at the wrath of sippies and silverware.

So, are you yay or nay on areas rug in the kitchen??

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinet Reveal

If you were to take a look in my closet, wedding photos, or pinterest board for home, art, or fashion, you'd notice one major theme - blue and white.  I seem to gravitate towards anything coastal, cool tones, and crisp clean lines.  We renovated our kitchen in our last home similarly, but with more trends from the aughts.  Busy granite counters instead clean marble inspired quartz, bold walls vs. cool neutral almost white greys, and natural stone vs classic ceramic subway tile.   

So when we purchased this (below), we knew it would take lots of sweat equity and some saved up funds bring it out of 1993.

Striping the wall paper was the first task, then repainting (BM Revere Pewter @ 50% strength), and installing new hardwoods.  

Since we had some other major reno's (a new roof, ugh) when we moved in, we had no choice decided to live with the kitchen with scratched blue laminate counters, DIY tin backsplash, and chipped white cabinets.  It wasn't ideal, or the prettiest backdrop, but it functioned fine. 

I previously went over how I repainted the upper cabinets white, and I painted the lower cabinets the same.  I used Benjamin Moore's Advance paint line in semi-gloss color matched to SW Cyberspace. I had a tough time deciding on a almost black, dark blue, and made the decision after I kept coming back to images from this kitchen.  Now after living with it a few months, I still absolutely love it.   I painted the cabinets the same, especially making sure to really scrub them first.  Being lower cabinets, they especially had their fair share of grime from spills, sticky fingers, and muck from dogs. A did a light sanding and used a small foam roller to apply the paint. 

Painting the cabinets was definitely an undertaking, but I did it completely by myself, the finish has held up, and looks just as great as our professional painted cabinets from our last house.  Except it easily cost me under $100, where paying a professional cost a few thousand.