Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life Lately, Christmas Style

It's Christmas Week, Friends!  While I felt pretty confident that we were prepared for the holiday season, it still never fails that we are running around for last minute gifts or ingredients for treats.  

Our last week was full of activities.  Last Sunday, started with my husband and dear friend's husband being conned into moving a piano for me.  I found a great deal on a pre-owned piano that was only four miles away.  We always wanted to get a piano, but never planned on buying one new due to the cost and the fact that no one is Mozart.  I took lessons a few years as a kid, and love the memories of my dad playing the piano especially at the holidays.  Now having a piano in our living room with our tree, just feels so homey and right.  The girls are loving it and so am I.  Turns out I can still play twinkle twinkle little star and jingle bells.  I used youtube to find a guitar hero like video for piano's to learn Let it Go, so that's been a hit. 

My dad officially retired and moved out of his temporary home here in the mid-atlantic to his home in South Carolina.  He came by on his drive down and stayed two nights to spend time with his daughter and granddaughters.  While Ashlynn was at school Monday morning, we took Kenley out for some errands and then headed out for lunch.  K fell asleep in the car and ended up sleeping through the whole meal, waking just in time for us to go pick up A.  

Ashlynn had her last gymnastics class for the year and pajama day at school on Friday.  

Saturday we hung around the house all morning since Santa was taking his annual ride around town with the fire department.  After an entire month of spring like temps, it was COLD.  So we bundled up and waited to wave to the big guy and get a candy cane from a volunteer.  

After all that Mrs. Claus got busy in her workshop putting together the girls Christmas present.  Santa watched a lot of football, typical.  Stay tuned, hopefully you'll get a sneak peek before the girls!

I hope everyone is enjoying all the magic that this week will bring!

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