Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kenley's Loot

With Christmas right around the corner, it's hard shopping for Kenley.  I know the 'holiday baby' crap well having been born on January 1st. However, Kenley is 2 not 12, so the stink attitude of being cheated of presents is likely to go unnoticed for a bit.  On the other hand, Ashlynn's birthday present was a bed, so we really aren't setting the bar high on the fun or quantity front.

We actually only got the Radio Flyer big wheel and The Wizard of Oz pop-up book.  Both were hits, but unfortunately she can't quite reach the pedals yet, oops.  I had actually delayed buying for Ashlynn last Christmas because of the reviews saying that smaller children had trouble, but since K is about the size Ashlynn was last year, I thought I'd go for it.  Hopefully by Spring it's okay!

Mimi hooked little girlfriend up in the PBK department.  She's now all set for school in the spring with backpack and lunch bag.  It's the same as Ashlynn's just different colors.  What's nice about these bags is that they are perfect for long car rides or child watch at the gym too.

And of course, the microphone is a hit because well, Frozen.  And the girls already love using the xylophone mallet as a microwave, now they can belt out all their favorites.   

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