Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kenley Drew is TWO

I dropped the ball on finishing out KK's last few monthly updates, mostly because I felt like I was writing the same thing.  Most major milestones had been accomplished and interests were pretty much the same.   Of course, her personality continues to strengthen, and it's definitely a strong personality at that.

As I mentioned in my instagram post on Monday, her birthday, this spunky girl is as sweet and as she is stubborn.  She is the best cuddle buddy, but do not try to do anything for her because she must do it all herself.  And if it's something she can't do, like pour some milk or turn on a light, then it better be mommy who does it if you don't want a completely irrational fit to ensue.

We are positive that her strive for independence and determination is going to serve her in big ways as she grows.  While it's still hard for her to grasp and control her emotions, she's definitely a
'thinker' as she loves solving puzzles and building with blocks.  She doesn't quit easily and will continue to try things until she succeeds.  She loves to color - crayons, markers, or chalk, and watercolors too.  Art is a daily activity.

She loves physical play, running, jumping, dancing, climbing, she's a kid who loves to be active and will not tolerate sitting in a stroller and watching things pass her by.  There is no playground structure is won't attempt to climb even if it's meant for kids two times her size.

Speaking of size, she's been deemed perfectly average by her pediatrician weighing in at 25.6lbs (34%) and 33 1/4" tall (32%).  She's smaller than I expected since she basically is sharing clothes (mostly tops) with Ashlynn, but Ashlynn is very small for her age.

We've recently had a huge spark in potty training interest.  She's used the potty a good 6 or 7 times in the last couple of months, but now she insists on trying every time she has a diaper change or wakes up.  She's dying to wear undies and will put them on over her diaper.  I was planning to bootcamp her over the holiday break since we will be home, but she might have plans to start sooner.

She's still sleeping in her crib, although most nights she'll end up in our bed.  She goes to bed and takes naps willingly, but still usually wakes by 6am.  Last Saturday she slept past 9am.  She broke any and all records in this house.  Typically she sleeps 10 hours at night and naps a solid 2-3more during the day.

She loves books, singing songs, and Little Einsteins.  It's the only show she'll watch and when Ashlynn picks something else, a tantrum usually ensues.  Dressing up is one of her favorite activities, and loves a good dress that twirls.  However, don't try to touch her hair because bows and ponies will not be accepted.

She's my little buddy and I'll miss her when she starts school in a few months, we always have so much fun together on the mornings we share together.  It's amazing how much easier both kids can be when they are alone.  But when they are together, there is nothing that makes my mama heart prouder than their love for each other.  They can't be without each other and love playing together.  It's not always rainbows, but they are my sunshine.

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