Friday, December 11, 2015


Okay, Five for Friday, here we go!


I got Ashlynn's school pictures back this week and have died over the adorableness.  These are all three proofs, but we decided to just keep the standard classic school photo shot.  Love her little smile.


Mini-Me.  I think I was a bit younger, 2.5-3 not 3.5 like Ashlynn, but still it's fun to compare.


I just finished my latest book last night and now am deciding what to read next.  I love biographies/memoirs, but mixing in some good fiction is a nice break too.

We really haven't binged on any shows since finishing Friday Night Lights and Masters of None a few months back.  The husband has been slowly making his way through the monster of a book "The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life" and I've been reading the following,

"Why Not Me", Mindy Kaling -  I love her sense of humor and learning more about the behind the scenes of her shows and Hollywood.  I think I enjoyed her first book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" better, but this was a great follow up and shed a lot of light on the status of The Mindy Project being cancelled on Fox and picked up on Hulu.

"The Girl on the Train", Paula Hawkins - The book has received a lot of hype as the new "Gone Girl" and book of the year, it's definitely worth reading if you are interested and I enjoyed it, but I wasn't so blown away that I'd compare it to Gone Girl.

"Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology", Leah Remini - I never watched King of Queens and really only knew most about Leah Remini through my celeb gossip shows as a public Scientologist and friend of Jennifer Lopez.  I mean I knew some of the work she did, Old School obv, but didn't know much about her otherwise.  Her book is nice window into her life growing up in Brooklyn, her parents divorce and subsequent mother joining the Church of Scientology and moving the family to Florida prior to her success in the entertainment industry.  She did a lot of promotion for the book during it's release and I had already read or heard most of the Tom Cruise stories and Scientology expos√©, but I was intrigued to learn more and read the whole book as I'm always fascinated learning more about religions and beliefs.

"The Short Drop", Michael Fitzsimmons - I ordered this through Kindle First for free.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, every month the Kindle shop selects six books to offer for free before their release.  I was really happy I got this book.  It's definitely your classic political thriller, but it was a page turner.  The story never slowed and the twists and surprises were actually not predictable.   I would love to see this turn into a movie.

"Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and my Harrowing Escape", Jenna Miscavige Hill - I promise I'm not a Suppressive Person, though maybe I am for reading two books on Scientology by ex-members.  I got this book after finishing troublemaker, there was a deal with books for $1.99 and this was on it. I was interested since I knew the author was the niece of the current leader of Scientology and was curious what she might add to what I already read in Remini's book.  If you are looking for details inside what it's like to grow up a Scientologist, this was such an interesting read. Probably not the most popular topic to want to learn more about it, but it was really eye opening.

In the same way I grabbed Beyond Belief, I downloaded Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI, and the Devil's Deal last night from the Kindle Deals section for $1.99.  This is the book (true story) that inspired the movie that was released this past September starring Johnny Deep. However, I'm also interested in reading "The Nightingale", "Orphan Train", and "All the Light We Cannot See".  What has been your favorite book of the year??


It's cookie time!  Mrs. Claus and her little dough eating elves will be sprinkling the kitchen in a fine dusting of powdered sugar snow this weekend.  I like to stick with what I know and are traditional for us - buckeye balls, ribbon cookies, sugar cookies, cocoa cookies, and peanut butter blossoms.

A few weeks late on my Halloween cookies, but here's last year's post about my sugar cookies, I'll be sure to recap this year!


Also, super over due.  The kitchen!  I promise to share more when I actually clean it up.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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