Sunday, November 29, 2015

Things My Kids Love

I always love to hear what other children are really into, sometimes it's classic things like dolls/action figures and legos, but other times I'm surprised at what is played with the most.  For example, hands down the best present from last Christmas was our little trampoline.  It has been used daily and I can't complain about having an indoor energy outlet for the days it's too cold or wet for the playground.

In addition to the physical jumping, that I'm able to redirect from the couch, the girls love art.  They will paint, color, draw, you name it.  I've completely stocked our art drawer with all WASHABLE items, because we have seen crayon on the chairs, markers on clothes, and paint on the table.  The girls seem to pick markers over crayons, but chalk is a big hit too.  Similarly, WaterWows seem to occupy the girls way longer than I would have ever imagined.  They use them until they become warped and I have to replace them.  I think these new Splash Cards will be loved just as much.

Both girls really like doing puzzles, and their favorite one is giant Frozen floor puzzle.  I told Santa to stick this Traffic Jam one under the tree.

For outdoor toys, nothing is used more than our YGliders.  The bikes, ride ons, etc, pale in comparison.  I love these scooters, they are well made and super easy for the girls to manage (steering).  Kenley was an old pro riding hers at 18 months.

And finally, clothing favorites.  I have two big cuddlebug homebodies.  These girls would stay in the pjs all day, and sometimes do.  While expensive, we love our Hanna Andersson jammies.  Today they are all $20 too if you want to grab some holiday ones!

And finally, rainboots.  I think it might just be the ease of putting them on - no tongues, no buckles, no laces, but Ashlynn has completely outgrown hers, but still insists on wearing them.  She's been asking for a purple pair and I'm so so so thankful they released this lavender "thundercloud" color in time for Christmas.  Kenley will get her last pair and Ashlynn will definitely be surprised Christmas morning!

Do your kids have any favorite toys that surprise you?

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