Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #9

It's that time again!  I received my 9th Stitch Fix over the weekend, I actually wanted to push it back a bit further since I recently picked up a few Gap tops, but it was already in progress.  Dare I say it, but I'm starting to lose my luster with Stitch Fix.  I've had new stylists the last two or three shipments, and while none of them have been off the mark, the items sent just haven't wowed me.  I've been finding things I love (for less) myself. 

Here we go....

En Créme Gonya Split Back Pullover Sweater, $58

I had a feeling this would be a miss right away when I saw it in the style profile.  The split back isn't really my style, and from past items received, I figured there would be a quality issue.  I was right.  The biggest problem was the unusual weight of the sweater.  It was so heavy at the spot where the sweater split from in the back, I'm sure it's just physics, but it was really odd to feel the sweater pulling from the back.  The open part where it was split was connected with a very cheap rayon or poly fabric that was pleated accordion style.  Cute in style, but felt poorly made the split back made the proportions off, I felt from the front it looked fine, but giant from behind.  


Brixon Ivy Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater, $58

My stylist, Logan, noted that she saw a lot of lace on my pinterest board so picked this sweater with that and my preppy style in mind. I liked that the length of the sweater was a bit longer than a typical crew neck sweater, and material felt lightweight without being paper thin.  To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the patches.  Something about the size or serging around the edges, it just looked like they weren't supposed to be there.  On top of that, I already kept an elbow patch sweater from a Fix last winter so between that and my hoard of gray sweaters, this didn't fill any 'need' in my wardrobe.  


Papermoon for Stitch Fix Keline Lace Shoulder Knit Top, $54

Again, another top great in theory.  I love the classic navy stripes and length of this shirt, but that's about it.  It was to big in the arms and the lace felt cheap, I know I'm in desperate need of a manicure, but the dry skin on my fingers felt like they were snagging it every time it was touched.  Not sure how it would handle small children.  It was a mix of rayon and polyester, assuming the shirt was rayon and lace was poly.  The rayon was a heavier weight for a long sleeve tee, more like a jersey knit than a cotton top.  I don't hate it, but I definitely didn't love it.  Especially at $54!  I would like to pay less than $25 for a top like this and would be okay with seeing up to $40 on a price tag.  Anything over that is laughable to me.


Papermoon for Stitch Fix Beverly Lace Side Panel Knit Top, $54

This shirt, just no.  For being the same brand as the previous and almost similar blend of rayon and poly, it fit so differently for the same size shirt (xs).  It was cut too small in the shoulders and hit my waist at an odd spot.  I kept wanting to pull it down.  I prefer the side panels of lace on this top compared to the shoulders on the last one, but still.  Just meh, again, for $54.  No way. 


RD Style Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho, $68  (can also buy here)

One of my requests for this Fix was casual neutral colored sweaters that I could wear on-the-go around town with the kids.  This definitely fell right into what I was looking for.  It's huge, but duh, it's a poncho.  Worth noting, it'd be great for a maternity fix, see second photo for the width.  I really like all the details on this sweater.  The big buttons, the faux sleeves, the ribbed shawl collar, and the hood.  I've already worn it twice since Saturday.  It's one of those sweaters I'd see on someone else and think it was really cute, stylish, and unique and wonder where they bought it since it doesn't scream "J.CREW!" or something you'd see all over.  The price I was completely cool with since I would spend easily over $70 on sweaters at the stores I usually shop.  This was a big win, and as stated, kept.

I found it online in winter winter, pecan, and striped versions too, so it's not just a Stitch Fix exclusive.

I've pushed back my fixes from every 8 weeks to every quarter.  There is a chance I push it back even closer to Spring than my February ship date.  I'm starting feel less excited about my fixes and I think a lot of that is I'm not looking for any specific pieces at the moment.  I've acquired a nice bit of causal sweaters and blouses over the last nine fixes, not to mention some accessories too.  I wouldn't say bad things about Stitch Fix, I just think I'm good for a bit.

What are your thoughts on this Fix?  Do you use Stitch Fix, how have you felt about your recent fixes?

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