Monday, November 16, 2015

Picture Day

Today was picture day for Ashlynn.  The school's director invited me to bring in Kenley for sibling shots, so we lined up for the photographer when we arrived since another class of students was already underway.  Ashlynn asked where her teacher was and then told me she didn't want to have her picture taken.

Womp Womp.

You may remember, this happened this time last year, she would not take a picture at all.  However, when photos rolled around in the Spring, she went with her class and had one done.  Problem was they didn't get back to the school until after we had pulled her out for Summer.  I asked the director if it was too late or if they had them, and she said they did, but they got packed away and hidden when the school had new carpets and fresh paint installed.  So I'm still waiting to see those!

Thankfully, she did go down with the other students after I left, so no biggie on the shot with K.  I have a feeling it might have been disastrous anyway.  Still though, could she look any cuter?

sweater (sold out, similar) | shirt | jumper | tights | boots (sold out, but love these) | bow | lunchbox

Their expressions say it all.

Happy Monday.  And stop taking pictures, Mom. 

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