Thursday, November 5, 2015


I've gotten a second wind and starting back on some projects that had hit a lull.

We finally decided on a color for the lower cabinets.  I got the right size screws for the new pulls and now just need to sand, drill, paint, sand, paint again and make sure I let everything cure.  I did a good job with the uppers, but I learned a bit along the way too.  I know from doing the girl's bathroom vanity that the darker color is going to definitely need at least two coats for full coverage and sanding in between with ample time for each coat to cure before allowing them to really get full use.  Even though the paint is dry in a few hours, it truly won't be as chip and scratch resistant for a few weeks.  I think after a couple days I'll put the drawer fronts back on, but I'm going to do them all by section anyway.  Impossible to get them done with the girls around.

Back to the girls' bathroom, we had the mirror taken down and the hole from where the small medicine cabinet was patched up.  Our plumbers left it in that state.  We needed to sand and paint before hanging the mirrors, so I got started on that.  The frame out of the previous mirror is still slightly visible in artificial light at nighttime, but I think I'm going to hang the mirrors by this weekend and then touch up any areas that are visible and still need to be resanded and touched up. After that, the bathroom will be done.  I'd still like to find a rug for in front of the vanity and possibly a new shower curtain, but neither of those things are pressing.

I finished The Girl on the Train the other night and it definitely picked up in the second half.  It wasn't as crazy or shocking as Gone Girl, but if you like psychological thrillers with multi-point of view narration, it's definitely worth picking up.

I started my second regimen with Rodan + Fields this week, the Reverse Line.  I was also able to score a free(!) eye cream with my purchase of the regimen.  The eye cream had been sold out for months, so I'm really excited to have gotten it.  If you are interested in buying some before it's gone again or want to receive notifications of deals and alerts, please feel free to reach out to my friend and consultant, Dena.

I don't think I mentioned this either, but is anyone watching Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens?!  I am obsessed.  I was probably one of the only people over 16 to watch Glee well into the 5th season or so, but I just love the quick comedic one liners, definitely reminiscent of Gilmore Girls quick dialogue, but way more raunchy and hysterical. Add in the mix of campy horror flix, dirty jokes, and a mystery storyline that is actually pretty "who dun it?" I  get excited to watch each week.   Each episode is full of little homages and nods to other things too...  Billie Lourd's (Chanel No. 3) trademark earmuffs a nod to her real life mother's, Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia.  Jamie Lee Curtis and the nods to her mother's iconic role in Psycho and her own past movie career.  If you are looking for a fun show to watch, check it out.

And, obviously I've been mentioning it in every post, but I totally have the holidays on the brain.  No last minute shopping this year, I'm vowing to be on top of everyone's lists, trying to plan everything the best I can so things don't fall apart or become forgotten in the midst of the holiday crazies!  I'll share some ideas soon, so you too can get on the ball if you need a little yuletide push!

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