Thursday, November 5, 2015


I've gotten a second wind and starting back on some projects that had hit a lull.

We finally decided on a color for the lower cabinets.  I got the right size screws for the new pulls and now just need to sand, drill, paint, sand, paint again and make sure I let everything cure.  I did a good job with the uppers, but I learned a bit along the way too.  I know from doing the girl's bathroom vanity that the darker color is going to definitely need at least two coats for full coverage and sanding in between with ample time for each coat to cure before allowing them to really get full use.  Even though the paint is dry in a few hours, it truly won't be as chip and scratch resistant for a few weeks.  I think after a couple days I'll put the drawer fronts back on, but I'm going to do them all by section anyway.  Impossible to get them done with the girls around.

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