Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lately and New Book Obsession

I've already ordered AND received my Christmas cards.  We didn't do any family photos, instead I went old school (and cheap), dressed up the girls, went outside and snapped a few pictures and called it a day.  I ordered the cards later that night because Tiny Prints was offering all it's gold foil and glitter cards at the regular card prices, +25% off, free shipping, and $50 gift card coupon I received after the holiday last year for using them.  It expired at 12/31/15 so I just held on to it knowing I would get a steal.  All that, brought my $180ish total down to $60 bucks and I got a few bucks back with ebates. So the cards were all under a buck a piece, boom.

I'll share them later in the season after they have been mailed out.  For now enjoy the outtake above.

Sickies.  This house has been an infirmary for a solid month now.  What started as a cough that was passed to me from Ashlynn, then started to clear, finally made it's way to Kenley, a few days later Ashlynn was congested and two night later all Hell broke loose with a clear ear infection.  After getting up at 4am to watch Frozen to take her attention off the pain, we saw the doctor on Saturday for our scheduled flu shots.  Knowing full well it was going to turn into a sick visit, poor girl has a serious ear infection.  So she's finally coming back around after a few days of antibiotics and K is feeling better too despite the lingering cough.  I hope this means we are sickness free for the holidays.  Growing up I was always sick at the holiday, every home movie has me being convinced to take my medicine.

With Kenley's birthday less than two weeks away, I'm getting her birthday presents ready and separated from the rest of the Christmas loot.  She loves reading, and while all the board books are in her room and the hardbacks in Ashlynn's, she is actually capable of not tearing a real book to shreds.  I've been trying to get the girls into some non-disney princess classics like The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and The Jungle Book.   I grabbed this insane pop-up story book for her and now I want even more of the collection.  These aren't the pop-up books I remember.  I love my Rifle Paper Co Penguin Classics, but I love that the girls can enjoy these books now.  They are seriously pop-ups on steroids, so much to discover on each page, I can't get over the detail and all the hidden details.

They are pricy, so they'd make a great gift or wishlist item.

Now, I need to decide what kind impromptu celebration we are having for the sweet girl.  With her birthday right after Thanksgiving, it makes it hard to plan since the season is so busy for everyone.  I know full well how holiday babies can get the shaft, trying to make it special for her, but at the same time recognize she's only 2 and I need my sanity for 25 more days after her big day!

 Hope everyone else out there is staying healthy!!

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