Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and Holidays!

Happy November!  Can you believe that all signs of ghosts, pumpkins, orange and black have been removed already from every retailer and jingle bells, reindeer, and cheeky winking Santa's have replaced them all over night?  It's amazing, and I'd probably grumble about the commercialism of it, but I'm so excited for the holidays this year.

As for Halloween, the girls had a great time.  Kenley hit a mood around 4:30 and didn't eat much of her dinner, so the tantrums really started.  I started getting Ashlynn dressed around 5:30 and Kenley was not having it.  I gave her the choice of any princess dress, tutu, silly head band we own.  I finally got her to eat some food and she turned around.  I literally was able to get the Elsa dress over her head as we started to leave for the first house.  We stayed out for about an hour and came back to have a few pieces of candy and get the girls ready for bed.

Our neighborhood had a bonfire after the little ones were put to bed and they continued to give out candy to the older kids. The husband went over and did that while I finished up Why Not Me? and finally started buzzed about The Girl on the Train.  I'm about 40% through and while I'm definitely hooked and want to keep reading to know what happened, it's definitely not as grabbing or page turning as Gone Girl or some other suspenseful thrillers.

Back to the holidays approaching, I'm trying my hardest to be on top of things this year.  Last year our Advent calendar was half empty, so hopefully I can get the calendar out and plan some fun things to do amongst other stuff.   PBKids is having 20% Off all stockings + free shipping today if you are looking to add any to your mantle.

I hope everyone has recovered from their sugar highs and Daylight Savings Time switch.  I know this kitty needs a cat nap!!

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