Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Roses All Over - Stenciled Closet

Oh boy, this post is about six months over due.  After Ashlynn moved into her big girl room,  I started getting her closet put together.  I love the way Kenley's closet turned out, and growing up, I always had my bifold closet doors open.  I decided to open Ashlynn's up like Kenley's, but I wanted to create something different.   Her room is pretty simple and clean, BM Classic Gray on the walls, white furniture and bright purple bedding and details.  Since she is three, I wanted to add something bright and fun without it being a giant Elsa Fathead.

I know her room will constantly be evolving with her tastes and interests, so additions of Frozen flannel bed sheets and an abundance of bunny every thing are a lot easier (and cheaper) to change.  I decided to stencil the closet wall with the Roses All Over stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I used Pantone's Radiant Orchid, a perfect match to her bedding, a small sample pot picked up at Lowe's ages ago.

I used a small foam roller brush and a sorry excuse for a paint tray. The stencils come with detailed instructions and there is a great video tutorial on their site to watch to see technique and tips.  The biggest take away, little paint and apply lightly.  Especially on a stencil with as much detail as the one I chose.  A roller loaded with paint or applying too much pressure will definitely cause bleeding under the stencil.  It's always easier to add more.  

The stencil was extremely easy to line up, getting into the corners was a little tricky, but since it's a closet it's hardly noticeable if even visible.

I'm sure you don't notice right away, but looking closer below, you can see how certain areas are darker where I applied more paint.  I was able to go in with a small craft paint brush and add more purple to areas that were too light, and cover areas with gray where the stencil bleed through.  Necessary?  No, but it wasn't too time consuming to make some fixes and I would most likely obsess over it if not.

Since Ikea no longer sells a 5 unit expedit, the one we used in Kenley's closet. I decided just to move one of our many 8 unit expedits into her closet to store books, toys, and baskets.

As she grows she can fill these with clothes, but for now, her 3 drawer dresser and the hanging rack hold everything with plenty of room to spare.

Full disclosure, I was not sponsored, perked, or gifted by cutting edge stencils to write this post, but I would absolutely purchase another stencil again.  My only probably was with cleaning the stencil, I didn't clean it enough between stencils, mostly because it's so detailed it was a pain.  Because of this, any paint that did bleed under would then transfer under to the wall creating a smudge.  Again, something easily fixed with a small brush, but once I finally did clean the stencil it was a major chore.

Six months later and the "reveal" is finally here.  I promise the reading nook canopy post won't be much longer... or maybe it will? ;)


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