Monday, October 19, 2015

Life Lately

Seems like there has been a whole lot and a whole lot of nothing going on around here.  You know when you feel like you've been busy you can't even keep the days straight, but yet, you also can't come up with one good example of what you've been doing??

Here's to trying to come up with some things...

I spent a few naps last week trying my hand at making my first handmade halloween costume.  Since Kenley is a bit too young to request her own costume choice, I decided she'd be Little Red Riding Hood.  Ashlynn wants to be Ariel, and I didn't really want to make Kenley be the coordinating Flounder, so I went with something I could keep her warm in.  I decided to make a fleece cape since it seemed like it should be easy enough for me.  I scanned pinterest for some outfit ideas and tutorials, but didn't find any exact patterns I wanted so I just took ideas from a few and made my own.  I added in some mini red pom trim along the bottom, red gingham lining, and ric rac to trim the sides.   Of course, Kenley has completely refused to try it on running from me every time I try.  Looks like she'll be choosing from the dress up bin on Halloween night.

I've spent most of my nights catching up on Scandal season 4.  And since Ashlynn is really pushing our limits with her insistance that one of us stays with her until she falls asleep, I also started reading Mindy Kaling's second book "Why Not Me?.  Her first book was seriously hilarious, and this one so far hasn't disappointed. I have a feeling I'll probably blow through it pretty quickly.

I don't know why, but I've basically taken the route of a big box store and have had the holidays on my mine forever.  Between wrapping Christmas gifts over the summer, seriously, and continuing with capitalizing on Halloween sales for Christmas dress up gifts, I can't seem to push the holidays back into their proper months.  However, Kenley's birthday is at the end of November so I've been trying to think of items for her as well, especially since a few family and friends have asked.  Since the girls "big" gift from Santa will be a dress up station, I figured we would just get her one "big gift" for her birthday and leave the rest of the smaller items for Santa to bring.  We already have a balance bike for Ashlynn and both girls have scooters.  I wanted to get another bike item that both girls could use ability wise and continue to use, so not a baby/young toddler specific type item.  I had been looking at big wheels, but a lot of them didn't have the greatest reviews.

This Radio Flyer option had good ones, so I had added it to the wishlist to price watch.  Except I was randomly checking the Lighting Deals the other night and it was included (lightning deals don't register as price drops on camelcamelcamel).  So birthday present snagged and currently on it's way.

I've also been thinking about our holiday cards.  We haven't had any family photos taken and don't have any scheduled, which is fine.  We've done a lot of professional photos the last few years, we are okay with taking a a few years off without the "perfect" family capture.  However, I'd still like a recent shot of at least the girls to share with family and friends.  I snagged the cutest dress from an etsy shop and then grabbed some cute accessories for Ashlynn, I have a dress for Kenley that I still need to make sure fits and we'll be good to go.  I'll definitely share some details when it arrives and I can take some pictures.

Lastly, I don't think I shared that we snagged TWO, full size bedframes off craigslist for $60.  And they were delivered to us.  They are both the same, cherry solid wood with spindle headboard and footboards.  I don't plan on having Kenley convert from her crib quite yet, but I think she will be moving over earlier than Ashlynn did, lots of ideas swirling around, I'll get them down and share those soon too!

What's been going on with everyone else?? ;)

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