Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[Child Style] Hanna Fanna

Generally, I shop at GapKids and Old Navy for girls, between my rewards card and the constant promotions, I feel I'm able to get some pretty cute clothes at decent discounts.  However, I can't stop crushing on the duds in the recent Hanna Andersson.

I get an abundance of catalogs, the majority I've never signed up for, but there are very few that immediately don't make their way to the recycle bin. (Total side note, but who actually buys stuff from the Chasing Fireflies catalog?  adorable, but $150 for an Elsa costume?get real.) Anyway, I usually skip past HA knowing their prices are steep, discounts are few, and shipping isn't typically comp'd, but I love their holiday pajamas.  Technically, the pajamas in general as they are so well made, so I like to look at the holiday catalogs.  Seriously though, I got stopped by the clothes - so so cute.  I don't know if it speaks to my nineties Limited Too coordinating outfit loving heart (with matching scrunchies!).  The plaid, the fair isle, even the clogs - my adolescence is restored!

I am complete obsessed with the North Star, Ski Norrland, and Folk Mix Holiday Family Collections.  If I could afford it, I'd own it all, including the adult pieces. 

And sing it with me, if I had a million dollars....

Even the accessories are adorably cute.  I love the little corduroy jumper, I'll definitely be sale stalking that one.  I'm stoked they still have the jammies I bought for the girls available this year.  Kenley fits in Ashlynn's pair and I'm looking to buy Ashlynn a new pair and call good on the sleep wear until Spring, but if I had a boy, I'd totally be forcing Star Wars upon him, so many cute options!

Any brands you've been loving lately?  Want some Hanna?  Use this link to receive a 20% off coupon!!

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